Cargando productos

taking care
of the details

The packaging is the presentation card of the products of any business and in Verdissimo we know this well and therefore we take great care of it. It’s a way of not only protecting the product but also of branding and transmitting our business values and philosophy.

In this article, we want to talk to you about this element that is so important for the Verdissimo Brand, from its characteristics to the materials used, the information you can find in it, etc.

Characteristics of a preserved product packaging

Even though the packaging for preserved products varies in function and use in the market, they all have a common characteristic:

  • They are optimized: They are optimized to use the least amount of space possible so they can be easily arranged in euro pallets and UK pallets. This optimization economically impacts in a positive way the cost of transportation as well as the carbon footprint of our products.
  • Protect: Our packaging is designed to protect the flowers and foliage during the complete chain of transportation logistics, offering impact and movement protection to the product.
  • Manufactured with recyclable materials: we try to use highly recyclable materials like corrugated cartons, cardboard, and PET. For all our bulk boxes and wholesale sales, we use 100% recyclable corrugated carton from renewable sources. In the case of our retail presentations and small units like boxes with 4 or 6 roses we mostly use PET and carton boxes.
  • Focused on communicating: the packaging communicates clearly with the final consumer, at the beginning, clearly showing its contents and on the other side using icons and text highlighting the function characteristics, how they must be cared for, the values of the brand, etc.
What information can we find in the packaging?

The usual information offered by Verdissimo in its packaging, as we have mentioned, turns the packaging into a communication element, an element that brings clear information about how to use the product through recommendations on its care and precautions to be taken so the product can maintain its beauty throughout the years.

Besides this information, some packaging includes a QR code where clients can learn about the brand, the preservation processes, and Verdissimo products.

Ejemplo de información que puedes encontrar en las cajas corrugadas

Example of the information that can be found in corrugated boxes

Example of the information that can be found in boxes destined for the final client

To protect the product is our priority

Even though we take advantage of the packaging, so our clients get to know us better, our main objective is to protect the product, this is why we use resistant materials. The materials used in the master boxes are the same as those used in most of our consumer products, nevertheless, because of the chain of logistics we always use the most resistant calibers, for example many of the calibers and resistances of our corrugated boxes are the same as the ones used for fruit exports and delicate products like porcelain or glass elements. This can give you an idea of how well protected our preserved products are!

Our brand Verdissimo makes the packaging and defines it in the function of the needs of the product and, even when they cannot be personalized, they are very satisfactory because they don´t only fulfill the function of protection and communication, they also meet the function of esthetics that our clients expect from us.

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