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The current situation makes it very difficult to present products to clients at events. Nevertheless, in Verdissimo, even though we would love to go back to normal and attend or events and fairs we were used to, it cannot be. But that doesn’t stop us, we have the perfect solution so our clients or possible client can discover the details of new preferred products: the Verdissimo Showroom.

What does the Verdissimo Showroom consist of?

The Verdissimo showroom is a space crafted to show our product catalog to clients, both new clients as well as habitual clients of the company.

As we talked about in the introduction of the post, with the COVID-19 crisis the close and personal attention to clients has been very difficult and this space gives us the possibility to see the products firsthand, and also of walking through the different varieties and types of products you may find.

The presentations are made in different languages. Some of these languages are: Spanish, English, French or German, among others.

Each one of the presentations is personalized depending on the type of client and their needs. In all of them, we deal with the doubts the clients may have and we take into consideration any of their comments.

Can we see all of the products in the showroom?

No. There are trees and greens that are not available in the showroom. Nevertheless, you can make a tour in the future through the production plant to see the products of the catalog that are not there. We know that sometimes you need to be close to the product to be convinced.

Can we ask for prices?

Can we talk about prices during the showroom. You can make assessments, talk about prices and other considerations to make your orders, and even solve all the existing doubts about the products so that clients decide on some products over others.

Let’s create closer ties with our customers

It is evident that it is not a fair or an event. The magnitude of the showroom has nothing to do with it. Nevertheless, during the showroom we only show new items, we also have direct contact with the public, and this is the opportunity we have to ask for their information so we can send them information relevant to them. The form is exactly the one the company uses in the cited events (fairs).

From Verdissimo we try that all of you, clients or future clients are close to us in these moments, discovering all the products of our catalog, from flowers to greens, trees, moss … the showroom is nothing else than a way to get close to you!

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