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Fernando Oriol, Steel Artist

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fernando oriol un artista de acero - verdissimo

Fernando Oriol, Steel Artist

We at Verdissimo, the largest producer of preserved plants and flowers, would like to recognize the work of one of the most talented artists on the national scene this month: Fernando Oriol.

fernando oriol un artista de acero - verdissimo

Oriol is an artist from Seville who make nature-inspired sculptures out of iron, corten steel, and brass.

His past, which was intimately connected to the world of flowers and plants, led him down the path to becoming what he is today: a sculptor who makes nature-themed artwork.

Oriol’s main goal in his work is to combine the elegance of nature with the durability and toughness of his metal materials to create perfectly balanced decorative pieces.

What Type of Artwork Does Fernando Oriol Make?

This Sevillian artist makes very unique designs with his own two hands. His pieces include everything from pergolas to lamps and chairs. Let’s take a look at some of his projects:

    • Pergolas: these pieces are made with COR-TEN steel and can be adapted to any space. In addition, the different leaves placed atop the pergola create natural shade similar to that created by a tree. One of his latest pergolas was designed for Madrid restaurant Chow Chow, of the Rantanplan group, where, along with Green Decorum and some of Verdissimo’s star products, he’s created a very unique ambience.

    • Trees and Palms: the trees, including palm trees, that Oriol designs are of a variety of very different sizes based on the needs and capacities of the space in question, such as whether it’s indoor or outdoor.

    • Banana Trees: Oriol creates branches of this tropical tree to decorate both indoor and outdoor spaces. The spectacular artistry of these leaves brings a lot of freshness to any decorative composition.

    • Fruit Salad Plant: this design, which is especially cheerful, is one of his biggest hits. With regard to coloring, they can be silver, rusty, or steel-colored.
    • Architectural Elements: gates, walls, wine racks, and many other structures to transform any space. One of the most famous spaces that Oriol has helped with is Bodegas Hacienda Monasterio.
    • Flowers: Oriol creates flowers made of steel to be used as decorative elements. Some of his most famous work includes his callas and magnolias.

    • Illumination: he creates spectacular lamps, including floor, ceiling, and desk lamps. With these creations, the designer also uses nature as his source of inspiration.

    • Furniture: coat racks, candelabra, chairs, rocking chairs, benches, tables, shelves, planters, and many other pieces that are perfect for home décor.

International Hits

Fernando Oriol’s works are known throughout the world. It’s true that many of his works are to be found within the territory of Spain, in cities such as Bilbao, Madrid, or Barcelona. However, he’s also had a lot of success in Germany and the United States, where he has held expositions that have attracted huge crowds.

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