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Floral architecture by Koldo Esparza

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koldo esparza - verdissimo

Floral architecture by Koldo Esparza

Koldo Esparza is a floral design artist who is inspired by the architecture of nature itself. His idea of floral design has captivated us. So, from Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved plants and flowers, we want to tell you about him and show you some of his works… They’re spectacular!

koldo esparza - verdissimo

What are Koldo Esparza’s works based on?

As we previously mentioned, Esparza is capable of conveying the architecture of nature in all his works. In any of his designs, you can see that he’s an artist capable of making very eclectic creations, which combine more traditional art with futuristic ideas.

Weddings by Koldo Esparza

Though he creates compositions of all kinds, Koldo Esparza does many floral designs for weddings.

Since wedding season is approaching, we’ll tell you all about this floral artist’s weddings.

First, they stand out for their use of color. They’re not limited by traditional colors that many designers use for decorating these events, such as white, pink, etc.

Esparza goes above and beyond this. He combines different shades to create cheerful, striking and, above all, lively spaces using greens, oranges, reds, etc.

Verticality: his hallmark

Many of his creations are clearly defined by the use of verticality. He achieves verticality thanks to a long list of products and a great selection of accessories.

In many of his works, the use of vases and other narrow and elongated accessories especially stands out, greatly stylizing the entire composition.

Characteristics of Koldo Esparza’s works

  1. Full color

As you can see in the image above, the floral artist often uses products with vibrant colors, such as pink or red, to create spectacular monochromatic floral compositions.

This time, he’s created some compositions with incredible roses… We love it!

  1. Very minimal compositions

Koldo Esparza also makes minimalist compositions, where Van der Rohe’s saying of “less is more” is brought to the floral world. In the image above, we can see a composition that stands out for its verticality and striking green tones. In this example, he’s also created a nice monochromatic composition.

  1. Blends that work

Koldo Esparza is daring with everything. Mixing floral products and colors is a hallmark of much of his work. In the image above, we see yellows, lilacs, oranges, pinks and greens in equal parts. Cheerful and novel compositions for the most daring.

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