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Nicolai Bergmann, one of the best floral artists in Japan

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Nicolai Bergmann, one of the best floral artists in Japan

From Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved flowers and plants, we continue our series of posts about designers with Nicolai Bergmann, one of the most renowned floral artists in Japan.


Nicolai Bergmann’s artworks

The works of Nicolai Bergmann are especially contemporary and on the whole, convey great feeling.

This floral artist is able to create harmonious compositions inspired by two completely different styles: Western and Oriental.

The Western style captures the absolute balance of the composition and the perfect proportions of each of the products forming the floral piece.

Meanwhile, the Oriental style makes use of minimalist, simple and pure details, also characteristic of the Nordic-Scandinavian style.

His creations are numerous, ranging from traditional floral compositions such as centerpieces to spectacular wreaths with boho-chic touches.

Uses of Nicolai Bergmann’s artwork

Bergmann’s floral compositions have many uses. One of the most common is decorating homes, offices, shops, storefronts, etc. However, that’s not their only use. These artworks are very popular at major events, such as weddings and other important parties.

Predominant colors

In most of Nicolai Bergmann’s compositions, we can see flowers with very vibrant colors: lilacs, pinks, yellows, etc. These predominant colors always blend well with greens for spectacular floral compositions, mainly spherical ones.

However, these colors aren’t the only ones he uses. For many of his compositions, we can see more subdued and neutral colors such as blacks, whites and even light pinks, the latter very common in his works.

The café

Inside the flower shop, there is a cozy café among moss covered walls. It’s one of the best cafés in Tokyo and has smoothies, oatmeal cookies, brownies, different fruit tarts, and even salads, sandwiches and a Danish specialty, the smorrebrod.

Customers can enjoy these delicacies among flowers and compositions of different shapes and colors… A fresh sensation, for sure!

In previous articles about designers, we’ve talked about Karen Tran, a world-renowned designer, Azuma Makoto and Fernando Oriol, with his innovative steel artworks.

Don’t miss out on our upcoming article about designers… we’re sure you’ll enjoy it!

Do you know a floral designer that we haven’t talked about yet? Who? Go ahead and let us know!

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