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The Japanese floral art of Mallow

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arte floral japones mallow - verdissimo

The Japanese floral art of Mallow

In Verdissimo’s series of articles about designers, we’ve got a thing for Japanese floral art – as you may already know. You may have heard of some Japanese designers on our blog, such as Azuma Makoto.

arte floral japones mallow - verdissimo

This time, we’ll talk about Mallow, a florist from Tokyo (Japan) who dreams that flowers from every season play a part in people’s daily lives.

What are her floral compositions like?

In her floral compositions, pastel colors are common, such as pinks, lilacs, whites, etc. However, sometimes she ventures into more vibrant colors, for example fuchsia.

Usually, her designs combine different colors, although sometimes she makes monochromatic art.

In her compositions, all flowers are coupled with greenery and foliage, aiming to give the composition a fresher and more natural touch. Mallow even sometimes makes spectacular compositions just with greenery.

Seasonal flowers for everyday life

Mallow is committed to seasonal flowers for everyday life, giving her compositions a fresh and trendy look.

However, if you want to break with tradition, you can make floral compositions with Verdissimo products, since these products, whether flowers or plants, are preserved and maintained all year round, regardless of the season.

Also, these products hardly need any maintenance, i.e. no light or water.

Mallow’s flower

Mallow uses roses in a lot of her compositions, which is considered one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. This flower is usually in her creations, either alone or accompanied, but from what we can gather it’s one of this florist’s favorite products. Is it for its beauty? For its meaning?

Mallow’s lessons

The lessons Mallow offers aim to show the beauty of flowers and plants, and teach people how they cheer us up and add fun to our lives. She states on her website that any room where flowers are placed will have a warmer feel, i.e. more friendly and homey.

Mallow’s lessons aren’t limited to Japan. The florist crosses borders by offering students across the world lessons in English, aiming to show her love for nature around the world and bringing together people from different places to learn to love flowers and plants as much as she does.

If you want to discover other designers on the international scene, you can do so on our blog. Every month, we talk about a different designer. Who would you like to learn about next?

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