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Being Conscious

At a critical moment in history, caring for the environment, biodiversity, and the planet itself is crucial for the survival of the species and the sustainability of society as we know it. That is why large companies are directing their efforts to achieve sustainable production in all its components: environmental, social, and economic.

What is Verdissimo
Being Conscious?

It is the umbrella that gathers the initiatives that the Innovaflora group, of which Verdissimo is part of, promotes to achieve sustainable production.

What are these initiatives

All our processes are under constant evaluation, so the opportunities to make changes that lead to cleaner production are always present.

When we decide to implement them through structural, technological, and behavioral transformations, initiatives with immediate environmental, social, and economic impact are born.

Why do we do it?

Our essence is in nature, and it is nature that makes this industry possible. For this reason and being coherent with the objective of doing everything possible to care for and protect our home, the planet earth, as well as the people who make up Innovaflora, we make significant, forceful, and effective decisions in order to achieve it.

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