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Our preserved Olive - Verdissimo

Our preserved Olive

We want to take advantage of this post to talk to you about a new product: preserved olive. This product is the key for decorators, it’s a mythical, millennial and traditional product, famous in all Europe (particularly in Italy, Spain, and Greece).

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What is Biophilia? - Verdissimo

What is Biophilia?

We want to talk to you about Biophilia, a concept that, even though it’s not anything new, is gaining a lot of importance. In Verdissimo we know that it’s not very known, but little by little it’s positioning itself as a trend in the design and architecture sector.

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Verdissimo: Wholesaler of preserved flowers - Verdissimo

Verdissimo: Wholesaler of preserved flowers

El grupo Verdissimo es el mayor mayorista en la producción de flores preservadas. La técnica de preservación permite conservar la belleza natural de las flores y plantas durante mucho tiempo sin necesidad de riegos, abonos ni cuidados especiales.

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Coffee Shop Decoration – Trends for 2021 - Verdissimo

Coffee Shop Decoration – Trends for 2021

At Verdissimo, we know the importance that interior decoration has taken in the last year’s in these spaces, we have wanted to make an article where we gather the main trends in coffee shop decoration.

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Verdissimo Virtual Showroom - Verdissimo

Verdissimo Virtual Showroom

The Verdissimo showroom is a space crafted to show our product catalog to clients,
both new clients as well as habitual clients of the company.

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Restaurant decoration – Trends for 2021 - Verdissimo

Restaurant decoration – Trends for 2021

Restaurant decoration has become one of the main areas of concern for customers. Today, it’s not enough to have a good product, menu and location. Customers demand special atmospheres to wine and dine where they feel comfortable.

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Floral Design - Verdissimo

Floral Design

What is floral design? How is floral art made? In this post, we’ll answer both these questions and many others about floral art and design. At Verdissimo, a leading producer of preserved plants and flowers, we adore floral decoration.

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