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What is a preserved nature product?

Preserved plants and flowers are 100% natural products that have undergone a preservation process to maintain their beauty and freshness without the need for water or light. They are long-lasting, ecological, economical, and perfect for interior decor.
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What is the difference between preserved plants and dried plants?

Preserved nature is much closer to the fresh, natural feel of each item. Its appearance is as natural as at the peak of its beauty and lushness. But also…

  • Its flexibility, its touch, and the way it behaves are equal to a fresh, natural piece.
  • Their colors are vibrant and last much longer.
  • The variety of preserved products is much greater and includes more references.
  • Preservation is the evolution of dry products, as it preserves the textures, behavior, and elasticity of fresh flowers and plants, so it is much closer to a living natural piece.
  • They look just fresh and alive!

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Four myths about preserved products

What can be done with preserved products?

Our products have a myriad of possibilities, from single flower decorations to interior moss walls.
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Ten techniques for using preserved nature

How does your business benefit?

Working with us means peace of mind since our know-how, infrastructure, and compliance are assured. But also, our…



We have a solid production infrastructure that is multinational and standardized in processes and products, which guarantees agility in delivery, quality control, and permanent stock.



Our product catalog is robust, with countless options and combinations of colors, types of flowers, and greens (mosses, trees, palms, among others).



Verdissimo is recognized worldwide as the flagship brand of preserved nature, which has made it synonymous with quality and products with a very good reputation among florists, decorators, wholesalers, and customers in general.

Verdissimo Being Conscious

All our processes are under constant evaluation, so the opportunities to make changes that lead to cleaner production are always present.

When we decide to implement them through structural, technological, and behavioral transformations, initiatives with immediate environmental, social, and economic impact are born. These initiatives are part of an umbrella called Verdissimo Being Conscious, that includes the ones that the brand promotes to achieve sustainable production.

Why choose Verdissimo?

In addition to the high quality of our products, our expertise, and our strength as a business group, we can highlight the following:


With brands and operations dating back more than 25 years, our experience, size, and continuous improvements over the years have allowed us to optimize our international trade activities.


In relation to the logistical benefits we have over other producers of preserved material, it is worth mentioning that we have warehouses and production plants in different parts of the world, which allows us to generate savings in the supply chain.


We have our own storehouses in Valencia (Spain), Bogotá (Colombia), Quito (Ecuador), and Sendai (Japan). In addition, we have partners in the USA and China with their own warehouses at our disposal. By having access to these distribution centers, we can store and transport significant volumes from our production centers, allowing us to have a quick turnaround time and high availability for most of our critical products.

Verdissimo has three plants located in Colombia, Spain, and Ecuador. No other competitor has this competitive advantage in terms of work centers.

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