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The meaning of roses according to their colour

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The meaning of roses according to their colour - Verdissimo

The meaning of roses according to their colour

Roses are one of the flowers with the most meanings. They are the symbol of love, sweetness, friendship, innocence…But, did you know that the meaning of roses changes according to their colour?

The meaning of roses according to their colour - Verdissimo

Red roses

If there is anything that represents the feeling of love, it is the red rose. Red roses are the quintessential symbol of love, lovers, passion, fire… But, red roses have other meanings, which are secondary but still representative. They also symbolise admiration and respect. This is why, if a friend gives you a bunch of red roses, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are contemplating marriage!

Red rose - Verdissimo

White Roses

White roses symbolise purity and innocence. White roses are usually the flowers chosen most often by brides for their bouquets. White signifies perpetuity, something that will last a lifetime. White roses, like red roses, are related to love, although from a much more chaste and pure perspective. When a couple give each other white flowers, they are showing each other that they hope to build a long-lasting future together.

If a family member or close friend is sick, sending a bouquet of white roses means you hope he or she has a speedy recovery.

If you want to know more details of white roses you can read the following articles: “The Main Uses of White Roses in Décor“, “White Roses: What Do They Mean?” y “How to make a bouquet of white roses“.

White Rose - Verdissimo

Pink Roses

The pink rose is the rose that expresses the most feelings: If someone gives you pink roses, they are praising your friendliness and openness. Roses of this colour symbolise the absence of malice or ulterior motives. They express esteem, warmth, a positive attitude, and beauty. The intensity of these feelings varies according to the degree of colouration of the rose. The more intense the colour, the more intense the feelings being expressed.

Pink Rose - Verdissimo

Yellow Roses

This is the colour of friendship, adolescence, and it is the perfect flower to celebrate parties and birthdays.

It is also, however, a superstitious colour. If someone who isn’t a close friend or relative gives you yellow roses, maybe they are hiding an ulterior motive behind their smile. Don’t trust them!

Yellow Rose - Verdissimo

Orange Roses

Orange roses represent happiness, the feeling of satisfaction after achieving success. It is also a colour that indicates precaution.

If you want to have more information about the symbolism of the orange rose, you can read our exclusive article for this type of roses.

Orange Rose - Verdissimo

Blue Roses

Harmony, trust, affection. Blue roses symbolise the colour of the sky, which is why they convey relaxing, calming, liberating feelings…If you have blue roses in your house or if you give blue roses to someone who is nervous or anxious, you will ease the tension and create a peaceful and harmonious ambience.

However, before making these types of gifts it is convenient that you know the origin of blue roses.

Blue Rose - Verdissimo

Green Roses

Green roses symbolizes hope and the balance between mind and body. Perfect for new relationships.

If you want to delve into the meaning of the green rose, you can read our article dedicated exclusively to it.

Green Rose - Verdissimo

Meaning of colors in flowers - Verdissimo

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