Rose without Stem

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Preserved flowers have many iterations and many techniques have been developed to get to this for many years. However, in recent history, this category of products has boomed in Japan in the 90s/2000s. For many years, in this Asian country, this category is boosted like nowhere else in the world and its popularity starts to spread around the world.
Our preserved flowers reach Europe through Verdissimo in the mid-2000s, mainly with roses with stems and heads. Thanks to constant growth, since then, these products have become popular among florists, events, and even interior design, not only in Europe, but also in the United States and Latin America.
What is the maximum and minimum time between receiving an order and its arrival?

It depends on the location where it’s being received, the requested product, and quantity. In remote areas it can be several months while in areas close to our distribution centers it can be around 3 weeks.

Is it possible to hire urgent product shipment?

Urgent shipments can always be made, however, the cost of these shipments is significantly higher. This is because these emergency shipments are usually made by air and with urgent reservations where the rates increase significantly from traditional sea containers.

Is there a maximum order volume? And minimum?

There are no maximum size limits per order, however, the delivery dates of the entire order will depend on the capacities of our warehouses and product availability. On minimum order volumes it will depend mostly on the type of customer (wholesaler, decorators, Retail, etc.). It is important to note that we are mainly a B2B company and do not make private sales or by units.

How are the shipping costs of the products calculated?

Depending on the type of customer and shipping volumes, logistics costs can vary significantly. However, the impact on costs varies mainly by the type of transportation to be used. Each shipment has specific variables of urgency, volume, and time of year that makes it impossible to make an exact estimate or rule to apply to shipments. They have to be adjusted individually.

Verdissimo Logistics Advantages

In relation to the logistics costs that we have compared to other producers of preserved material, it is worth noting that we have warehouses and production plants in different parts of the world, this allows us to generate savings in the supply chain.

About the warehouses

We have our own warehouses in the following locations: Valencia, Bogotá, Quito, and Sendai (Japan). In addition, we have partners in the US and China with their own warehouses available to us. By having access to these distribution centers we can store and transport significant volumes from our production centers significantly reducing logistics costs per unit and allowing us to quickly dispatch and high availability for most of our critical products.

About the production plants

Verdissimo has 3 production plants located in Colombia, Valencia, and Ecuador. No other competitor has this competitive advange.

Arrangements with preserved flowers