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Verdissimo truly starts as a brand with preserved green products: it is the oldest product category.

This family allowed Verdissimo to grow during the 80's and its popularity in the interior design and decoration world has only grown since then.
Today they represent the versatility of Verdissimo's preserved foliage. It has flooded the world thanks to its impact and popularity in interior design, window dressing/display, and events such as weddings and celebrations. Just like trees, this category is a reference for Verdissimo due to its tradition and journey.
What is the maximum and minimum time between receiving an order and its arrival?

It depends on the location where it’s being received, the requested product, and quantity. In remote areas it can be several months while in areas close to our distribution centers it can be around 3 weeks.

Is it possible to hire urgent product shipment?

Urgent shipments can always be made, however, the cost of these shipments is significantly higher. This is because these emergency shipments are usually made by air and with urgent reservations where the rates increase significantly from traditional sea containers.

Is there a maximum order volume? And minimum?

There are no maximum size limits per order, however, the delivery dates of the entire order will depend on the capacities of our warehouses and product availability. On minimum order volumes it will depend mostly on the type of customer (wholesaler, decorators, Retail, etc.). It is important to note that we are mainly a B2B company and do not make private sales or by units.

How are the shipping costs of the products calculated?

Depending on the type of customer and shipping volumes, logistics costs can vary significantly. However, the impact on costs varies mainly by the type of transportation to be used. Each shipment has specific variables of urgency, volume, and time of year that makes it impossible to make an exact estimate or rule to apply to shipments. They have to be adjusted individually.

Moisture in preserved products during transport

As we have mentioned, moisture can harm the products and cause them to lose their quality. That's why storage and transportation must be carefully handled.

Regarding the ideal moisture for storage, it should be noted that the favorable environment is constituted by clean air with a relative humidity between 30% and 80%, without solar radiation.

The unfavorable conditions are: air with dust, soot, or suspended particles; rain or extreme humidity.

Decoration with our greens