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Floral techniques for florists

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floral techniques for florists - verdissimo

Floral techniques for florists

If you want to explore some of the most used floral techniques for florists, don’t miss out on our post. In it, from Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved flowers and plants, we’ll talk about the best floral techniques and the importance of color and finishes in floral compositions.

floral techniques for florists - verdissimo

Floral techniques

A good florist is he/she who knows how to treat a flower, plant or tree, and knows how to make the most of it. Floral artists know how to combine different products to create unique compositions to give as gifts or decorate. But all this requires very special techniques. Some of the key floral techniques are the following:

  • Technique to create a Green Wall: one of the simplest techniques for creating vertical gardens consists of applying glue to the frame and the oasis where the moss will be hung, hang it in a harmonious and meaningful way and place more moss, flat moss or moss balls, with hot glue in the needed areas. If you want more details about creating vertical gardens, get inspired with the following article, Do it yourself!
  • Technique for making other floral compositions: there are many other techniques that can be helpful for creating other floral compositions, such as: placing roses in glass bowls with decorative stones, placing greenery in shots, etc.
  • Techniques for creating trendy accessories: trendy accessories with flowers are more and more popular for events like weddings, baptisms or communions. One of the most common techniques, for example in flower wreaths, is using wire at the base of the flowers or plants so that they stay on the wreath. To know more about these techniques, we recommend you get inspired with this article, Make floral wreaths yourself!

Color and finishes

Are color and finishes important to a floral composition? If you use high-quality products, you can’t help but pay attention to finishes! In this section, we’ll talk about the importance of color and finishes in floral compositions.

Color: color is one of the determining factors in a composition. A mono-color composition isn’t the same as a two-toned or multi-colored composition. The floral artist must know the range of colors and the perfect combinations because two-tone and multi-color compositions require knowledge about color. The colors of flowers and plants are capable of providing those necessary color accents in certain spaces. For this reason, flowers, plants or floral compositions with two products can be the perfect elements for decorating any space.

Finishes: for us, finishes deserve all our attention. The main difference between a good floral composition and a bad one is not just the quality of the products but also the finishes. These little details mark the difference between some compositions and others, and these small details depend on the floral artist.

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