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Handicrafts and good taste with preserved flowers

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Handicrafts and good taste with preserved flowers

Preserved flowers are a great choice for making decorative handicrafts.

Thanks to their beauty you can make all kinds of floral compositions with the same allure and appearance as fresh flowers. Also, the preservation treatment that they have undergone make them long-lasting decorative pieces, with none of the drawbacks and the short lifespan of fresh plants.

Making handicrafts is one of the most relaxing and pleasant activities that exist. Most people have fun, hands-on pastimes: decoration, drawing, painting, model building…but without a doubt creating floral compositions, apart from being a really relaxing activity, also gives visually spectacular results.

Making handicrafts with floral decoration is addictive

Flowers are decorative elements par excellence in any outdoor or indoor space. Floral art has been used since ancient times, first as a way of honouring the gods and later to celebrate all kinds of events.

Dried flowers offer many decorative solutions for all kinds of handicraft work. The same applies to pressed flowers, which are perfect for making decorative paintings and walls.

Your handicraft gifts with preserved flowers

Without doubt preserved flowers elevate floral art and making handicrafts to a new dimension. The flowers undergo a special dehydration and conservation treatment that allows them to maintain the appearance and beauty of the fresh plant in its moment of greatest splendour. Flowers that have undergone this treatment keep the beauty of fresh plants for years and years. This makes them perfect for creating incredibly beautiful handicrafts and floral decoration compositions.

Surprise the people that you love with a token of beauty and good taste with these simple ideas made with preserved flowers:

Basket of flowers

Choose a shallow basket of around 10cm in diameter. Tie a satin bow around the basket in a colour that matches the flowers you are using. Put some of the green cork that florists use inside the basket. Cover the cork with potpourri of dry flowers. Then arrange the preserved flowers in a harmonious way. This season monochrome compositions are in fashion. Choose your favourite colour and let your imagination run wild! Your flower basket will look great in any place and will make a personal, original and elegant gift.

Brooches, hair clasps or handbag fasteners

You can make your own accessories with preserved flowers: brooches, hair clasps, hairbands for your little girls, hair ties, or an original fastening for a party clutch bag. You just need to make small bunches with your favourite flowers, glue them together and they are ready!

3D Wall compositions

Choose two white picture frames. The deeper the frames are, the more beautiful the compositions will be. Put fine, dry branches at the bottom, imitating the form of the branch of a tree and stick them with glue. Then you only have to add a few preserved flowers, almond blossom, rose, jasmine or the flowers you like most and you have a gorgeous, extremely decorative, pretty and long-lasting gift.

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