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Verdissimo’s Preserved Flowers in the Cycling Tour

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Vuelta Ciclista - Verdissimo

Verdissimo’s Preserved Flowers in the Cycling Tour

Verdissimo’s preserved flowers and plants were the stars of the ornamental decoration in the Cycling Tour of 2016. The decoration was carried out by Green Decorum, who were also responsible for decorating some well-known spaces with these products, such as Sushita Café and the headquarters of Panama Jack.

Vuelta Ciclista - Verdissimo

On this occasion, the decoration was in three areas, each one with its own style and with different preserved flowers:

Neptune Area

This area has a very avant-garde style, characterised by modernity, simple lines and simple shapes.

To achieve this, Green Decorum has used lichen balls, a type of plant moss that represents freshness and life. This product is used often to create natural ambiences.

Also, the spherical shape of the moss has given the decoration the simplicity necessary to be avant-garde.

The Red Area

This area, with a more natural and rustic style, was decorated with different centrepieces. The first is a very attractive floral centrepiece in which different Verdissimo flowers and greenery were combined:

  • Hydrangeas: Their dimensions, colours and symbolism have made this preserved flower the star of the centrepiece. They are elegant and represent temperance, a quality that is really present in the Cycling Tour.
  • Solidago: This is the key to rustic decoration. Its slim stem and small yellow flowers give a fresh touch to floral centrepieces.
  • Pepper Tree: Pepper Tree adds naturalness, thanks to its small round red seeds.

Additionally, gorgeous and simple floral centrepieces were created with preserved roses for the support tables.

Roses symbolise respect, as well as love and passion, one of the reasons why these flowers were chosen for the event.


The last part decorated was the podium, where a number of items were made with different types of eucalyptus and in different colours: burgundies, greens and greys.

The following are the varieties:

  • Parvifolia: This type of eucalyptus is perfect for adding naturalness and freshness to rustic decorations.
  • Cinerea: Its geometric shapes give a little touch of modernity to the decoration.
  • Nicoly: The colour of nicoly is what adds brightness and dynamism to the composition.

But…can you decorate an outdoor space with preserved plants?

Preserved flowers and plants are just for decorating indoor spaces. However, for some events, like the Spanish Cycling Tour, they are the best option as they are short events and the flowers remain in good condition.

Also, working with Verdissimo’s flowers and plants to decorate events of 1 or 2 days is an advantage as these products allow you to work in advance.

At Verdissimo you will find a wide range of preserved flowers and plants that don’t need to be watered and don’t need sunlight for their maintenance.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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