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The Wonderflower project at Spoga Gafa Germany: the biggest international garden meeting

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The Wonderflower project at Spoga Gafa Germany: the biggest international garden meeting

The landscaping and gardening industry gathers at a renowned event: Spoga Gafa Germany, where professionals, companies and experts share the latest trends, news and advances in the world of gardening and landscaping.

This year, the Wonderflower project will be present at the international fair to raise consumer awareness about the world of preserved flowers as a beautiful, long-lasting and sustainable alternative for decoration.

The wonderflower project unites the forces of three partners: Verdissimo, Creatissimo and Südblume. It was launched in May 2022, inspired by the need to bring the world of preserved flowers to the end consumer as a beautiful, long-lasting, and sustainable alternative for decoration. A selected range of floral arrangements and takeaway products will be showcased at the trade show and is intended to promote sales via retail chains as well as specialized garden centers.

Spoga Gafa: the world’s largest garden trade show

Spoga Gafa is the world’s largest garden fair held in Cologne, Germany, bringing together professionals and enthusiasts to present the latest trends in gardening and outdoor design. In addition to commercial exhibitions, there are also conferences and activities for knowledge sharing and networking.

What is the International Spoga and Gafa Fair in Germany?

The fair stands out for its ability to capture the outdoor lifestyle and be a showcase for inspiration and creativity. It is more than a trade show, as it explores the latest trends in outdoor design, garden decoration and green space creation.

When is it celebrated?

The next edition of Spoga Gafa will take place from June 16-18, 2024 in Germany. The central theme will be “Responsible Gardens”, in collaboration with the green sector, to promote responsibility and contribute to a sustainable and healthy environment. In this context, responsibility implies the search for solutions to current problems.

Wonderflower at Spoga Gafa

Responsible gardens as a key theme 2024

Verdissimo, Creatissimo and Südblume will participate in Spoga Gafa 2024, where they will focus on the relevance of environmental awareness and care of green areas, with high quality items to encourage the creation of responsible and environmentally friendly gardens.

On the one hand, Verdissimo, wholesaler of preserved flowers, will show its special preservation process as a specialist in the sector for more than 30 years.

Creatissimo will present its product line and fashion trends. The group’s florists have been designing floral arrangements and planting individual bowls for more than 20 years. Südblume will focus on the work and supply of retail chains.

Why visit the Wonderflower booth at Spoga Gafa?

A visit to the Wonderflower stand at Spoga Gafa is a unique opportunity to discover the latest trends and products in the world of preserved plants and flowers.

  • Wide variety of products: wide range of high-quality preserved plants and flowers, ideal for various applications in interior design, event decoration and landscaping.
  • Durability and quality: the preserved plants and flowers of the three groups maintain their fresh and natural appearance for a long time, without the need for water or maintenance.
  • Sustainability: a leader in the preserved plant market, Wonderflower is committed to sustainability and the environment.
  • Innovation: always looking for new techniques and technologies to improve the quality and variety of products.
  • Professional advice: a team will be available to provide personalized advice and answer all questions about products and applications.

Come and visit the Wonderflower stand at Spoga Gafa to discover Verdissimo products: quality, sustainability and innovation in the field of preserved plants and flowers!

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