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6 ideas for wearing preserved flowers in your bridal hairstyle

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6 ideas for wearing preserved flowers in your bridal hairstyle

Preserved flowers can be a very attractive accessory to enhance a bridal hairstyle. On this special day, the future wife should be radiant in her special dress, make-up and hairstyle. A few simple flowers or a pretty floral headdress will add the finishing touch!

In the past, plastic flowers were used, which with time were substituted by fresh flowers and, lastly, natural freeze-dried or preserved flowers.

At Verdissimo, our specialty is preserved flowers and plants. And not just for decoration! We can also help you to find the most spectacular hairstyles with flowers, ensuring that they don’t wilt after a few hours, as happens with fresh flowers.

Surround yourself with flowers on your big day!

If you are going to celebrate your wedding day soon, we would like to suggest various ways of wearing flowers in your hairstyle or headdress. Would you like to know them? Find the option that best fits your taste and personality:

  1. A crown to wear on your forehead. This is a simple and very romantic option, which will make you feel very special. It combines really well with an informal hairstyle with the hair half up. The flowers should be light colours: pink, sky blue or white, to match the wedding look.
  2. Create a bigger impact with more exuberant and baroque crowns. Using flowers with large leaves, like hydrangeas or preserved gardenias, makes it possible to create hairstyles that are very visually attractive and striking. All of the guests will be looking at you!
  3. Hair bands and hair pins. Small preserved flowers, like tulips or daisies, are attached to a metal base. This is a more detail-orientated option, perfect for long hair in an up-style.
  4. Half-crown of flowers secured on the bride’s veil. If you are going to wear a veil that doesn’t cover your face, you can complete the wedding look with a small crown of white preserved flowers (roses or carnations). It shouldn’t be complete, but should sit on the forehead or the back part, secured in the up-style.
  5. Flowers in your mane of hair! A fresh and informal look, perfect for open-air, young and fun ceremonies.
  6. Preserved flowers secured in the up-style give a delicate and feminine touch.

The compositions to make wedding hairstyles with flowers are endless. Preserved flowers give a natural and fresh air that contrasts with the solemnity of the wedding gown. As well as remaining the same throughout the day and night, they will help you to remember this special day in your life.

At Verdissimo you will find an incredible variety of preserved flowers and plants and a great team of advisors for your interior decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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