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Bridal Bouquets

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Bridal Bouquets

Weddings are no longer a seasonal affair, which means that any month may be chosen for beginning preparations: attire, venues for the ceremony and reception, list of invitees, and of course, choosing the bridal bouquet.

In general, flowers play a special role in weddings whether at the church (or any other place where the ceremony is held) or as centerpieces at the reception—we recommend the article “Wedding Centerpieces”—in hair accessories worn by female guests, decorations in the banquet hall, and obviously we can’t forget the bridal bouquet.

In this article we’re going to focus on bridal bouquets since a nice bouquet can be the center of attention if the flowers and greenery are chosen with care and skill.

Greenery and flowers for bridal bouquets

Allow us to present four flowers that are perfect for creating bridal bouquets. Each one of these products is ideal in a specific color and when used in conjunction with a specific floral composition:

  • Roses: These are the most beautiful, highly-demanded flowers in the world. At Verdissimo we have roses in many colors, but for a ceremony we recommend white roses since they symbolize purity and innocence, as we explained in our article, “White roses: what do they signify?
  • Gardenias: These are the best flowers if you want to create an elegant and sophisticated bridal bouquet. Our favorite color for a bouquet of gardenias is white (as with roses) and pastel pink, which is a sweet, romantic color.
  • Hortensias: These flowers create very romantic compositions thanks to their warm colors, their shape, and their perfect dimensions. These flowers symbolize nature and simplicity, and for this reason many couples opt for hortensias (also known as hydrangeas) for the most important day of their lives.
  • Eucalyptus: Here at Verdissimo we have different types of Eucalyptus greeneries that are perfect for combining with a wide variety of flowers. Eucalyptus bouquets can give a bridal bouquet a rural touch and can provide a bit of color if all of the flowers you’ve chosen are the same color.

Preserved flowers for bridal bouquets

At Verdissimo we recommend the use of preserved plants and flowers for composing bridal bouquets since these products are much more long-lasting and require only a minimum of upkeep since they don’t need water or light.

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