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Space dividers with moss and lichen

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Separadores Musgo Verdissimo

Space dividers with moss and lichen

Decorating with green (plants, trees, flowers and moss) is trending right now in interior decoration, in homes, offices and commercial spaces.  In this trend vertical gardens standing out, on walls and other elements such as moss and lichen space dividers, a must have in decoration that we had not talked about in our blog before.

Separadores Musgo Verdissimo

What do these dividers consist of? How can you decorate a space with these dividers? What are the benefits?

From Verdissimo we give an answer to these questions and, also, we show you images so they can serve as inspiration.

What do moss and lichen dividers consist of?

Dividers in interior decoration are like vertical walls but used to separate spaces. These can be “moved” from one place to another and be installed where it is most convenient to place a division.  These separators, normally, can be created from moss or lichen, it is more beneficial to place one or the other depending on the objectives we have.

In Verdissimo we offer our clients the following products for the creation of space dividers:

Benefits of moss and lichen dividers

The benefits of moss and lichen dividers vary in function of the product used.  If you use moss, it will act as a noise insulator, while if you use lichen, its property is that it has an uncovered stem in its cuticle that makes it sensitive to external substances and gases. It accumulates polluting atmospheric substances in its body, therefore making it perfect to not letting through viruses or harmful elements in the air

The function of lichen becomes extremely important in the times we live in now, times in which COVID-19 leads our work and leisure life, which is why placing it in restaurants, offices, etc. , is one of the best options.

How to decorate an interior space with dividers?


Here, we will show you an example through images of an idea we love made with preserved products from Verdissimo.

Separador Musgo y Liquen COVID - VerdissimoThis idea consists on placing a divider made with dense moss or lichen to bring privacy, noise reduction, and to act as a strong decoration element. In addition, it can absorb contamination substances or isolate noise (depending on the preserved product used). We leave you with more images so you can visualize how this divider will look in an office space!

Separador Musgo y Liquen - VerdissimoAs you can see, employees can be separated from the front and from the sides, avoiding distractions and creating a pleasant environment where they can develop their maximum potential.

Another idea we will show you through images is a vertical wall.  Although its not a divider its perfect for those spaces in which employees have to maintain direct contact and work as a team.  In these situations, dividers can be an impediment and a wall could be the perfect solution because it can act as a noise insulator and absorb contaminants in your office’s air.

Pared Musgo y Liquen Oficina - VerdissimoVerdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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