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How to Make a Vertical Garden

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vertical gardens how to make one and everything you need to know - verdissimo

How to Make a Vertical Garden

In recent years, vertical gardens have become one of the most stylish trends in ornamental decoration. At Verdissimo, we have the best products to create your own garden designs: preserved flowers and plants.

vertical gardens how to make one and everything you need to know - verdissimo

In this post, we’ll talk about vertical gardens, the best products for creating vertical gardens, how to make one… and much more!

What’s a vertical garden?

Vertical gardens are installations covered with different kinds of plants and flowers that are grown in a structure specially designed for them.

Thanks to their great beauty and colour, they are considered to be artistic works of floral art, although they are also good for the environment.

It has been proven that having vertical gardens in workplaces, businesses or public places improves performance, forges positive attitudes, increases self-esteem and creates relaxed, cosy and attractive atmospheres. They even reduce work absenteeism! Surely with all of these benefits, you are thinking of installing a vertical garden in your own business.

There are also indoor gardens for the home that recreate small green zones with which to highlight a wall or any corner of the home.

Vertical gardens using preserved plants

Vertical gardens can also be made with preserved plants. The decorative results are spectacular and they don’t need any kind of care or maintenance.

The importance of image is fundamental for your business. Interior decoration has really developed in the last few years, and it has become an extremely dynamic and innovative sector.

One of the main aims of interior decoration for a business which deals with the public is to impress, and to create a unique, exclusive and different ambience…This applies to clothes shops, bars and restaurants. With a great design, the correct lighting and an impressive and original decoration, your business will be the most visited!

However, it’s not just important in public-facing work and businesses. It’s also key for your home, since it’s one of the places you spend the most time per day and it should give off a positive atmosphere. To convey these feelings, it’s essential to use the right colors, furniture, plants and flowers. Specifically, vertical gardens play an important role in creating relaxing and zen spaces, as we’ve mentioned previously.

Flowers and plants for making a vertical garden

In this article, as we mentioned in the intro, we’ll also present four products so you know how to make a vertical garden for your home or workplace.

Preserved moss

Preserved moss is the star product of any vertical garden. You can personalise this work thanks to the wide selection of moss that we have at Verdissimo, like the pole moss and flat moss.

Below, we’ll show you an image of a vertical garden with preserved moss, where preserved moss has been used.

Preserved grass

Verdissimo’s preserved grass is perfect for the base of a vertical garden. It’s completely natural, which is why it looks so pretty in this kind of design.

Brunia Albiflora

Brunia Albiflora also fits perfectly on the base of a vertical garden. Verdissimo’s preserved brunia can be found in different colours like grey green, yellow green and byzantium.

jardin vertical brunia - verdissimo


The beauty and versatility of preserved hydrangeas make them the perfect product to add a touch of colour and life to vertical gardens. Hydrangeas are the ideal flowers to give the creation a classic and romantic touch.

Making vertical gardens in indoor spaces with preserved flowers and plants creates a very natural and fresh ambience that transmits great peace and serenity. Vertical gardens convert spaces into extremely cosy places, with a really chic and personal touch.

Try out these preserved flowers and plants and let us know how your vertical garden turned out!

How do I make a vertical garden?

Would you like to make a space beautiful? Learn how to make a vertical garden, a new concept in ornamental decoration to create beautiful and natural spaces.

Follow these steps before starting your plant wall:

  1. Plan the design

Firstly, you have to plan the design of the vertical garden, in other words, will it be in green tones or will it have touches of colour? Will you use flowers or only foliage? Once you have answered these questions, you can then plan how you are going to distribute the different plants on the plant wall.

  1. Choose the type of plants

After planning the design of the green wall, you must stop and think what kind of plants would be ideal for your creation. We are referring to fresh, natural, artificial, preserved…

Firstly, you should find out the advantages of the different types of plants and flowers. If you want to make a green wall with completely fresh plants, you should know their limitations as they are very delicate products and they need specific maintenance.

On the other hand, if you decide to make the vertical garden with preserved flowers and/or plants, you’ll have greater freedom as even though they are natural products and are 100% ecological, they are completely free from maintenance, in other words, they don’t need water or sunlight to maintain their beauty over time.

Alternatively, if you go for plastic flowers, obviously they don’t need maintenance, however, their appearance is very artificial.

  1. The plants and flowers

Following the design that you have planned, now it’s time to place the plants and flowers in the garden.

The products that are most often used for these ornamental compositions are:

  • Moss: Moss has become the key product for any vertical garden, both flat moss and the pole moss.
  • Grass: Like moss, grass plays an important role in plant walls as it acts as the base of the garden.

Interior decoration using vertical gardens

Do you know the endless possibilities of vertical gardens made with preserved flowers and plants? This kind of floral decoration, which is just for indoors, is extremely dramatic. Generally, they are made with preserved moss and lichen and the results are surprising.

Vertical gardens for floral decoration of interiors do not need any kind of maintenance. Also, it is not necessary to have a source of direct sunlight. They don’t need to be watered and they also don’t need electricity. Vertical gardens made with Verdissimo products are made with natural plants and flowers of the highest quality. This ensures a long-lasting, highly aesthetic, ecological and economic result.

Preserved flowers and plants have infinite possibilities for making all kinds of floral compositions. Vertical gardens have become a trend in the most avant-garde and innovative places. They are extremely decorative, have a natural appearance and texture, and are surprisingly real.

Why is garden design important?

A preserved vertical garden provides a personal and special touch to any space. So, it’s the perfect interior decoration for living or working in harmony. However, for this to happen, the vertical garden must have a spot-on design and adapt to the style of the space.

Different vertical gardens can be created using a myriad of products, adapted for the space of your home, business or office. Some of the most frequent styles for this decorative element are the following:

  • Minimalist: This type of vertical garden is very simple. It uses few products and the structure of the vertical garden is very linear.
  • Zen: This is the most common style for making vertical gardens. That’s because moss is one of the most used products in zen decoration. Also, interior gardens often have this type of decoration.
  • Modern: The modern decorative style is an understated look that doesn’t use many bright colors or decorative elements. However, in this style, very subtle vertical gardens are gradually being used for wall decoration.
  • Boho chic: Boho chic is a decorative style that requires more color. That’s why it’s necessary for a vertical garden not just to have preserved grass or moss, but also preserved flowers that provide color accents.

Benefits of vertical gardens

The benefits of vertical gardens in indoor spaces are many. Firstly, it’s worth highlighting the saving in space. These gardens, as they are hanging vertically, make the most of the space. On the other hand, it’s important to point out that these creations furnish the place where they are, making it much more cosy.

Regarding their more functional benefits, vertical gardens always increase the value of properties as they give them a distinguishing feature.

The benefits of making vertical gardens with preserved flowers and plants

The benefits of making gardens with Verdissimo’s products is their durability and no maintenance.

  • Durability: Preserved flowers and plants are natural and very long-lasting, which is why these kinds of creations are fantastic. The texture and beauty of these products remain as if they were fresh and, also, they last for many months.
  • Maintenance free: If you are worried about the maintenance of a vertical garden, with Verdissimo’s products…forget it! They don’t need to be watered or need sunlight!

Now that you know how to make a vertical garden and you know a little more about garden designs, buy your products from Verdissimo and get to work on making the best vertical garden for your space.

Let us know in the comments how it went, what flowers and plants you used… and how your decorative project turned out!

At Verdissimo, you’ll find a huge variety of preserved flowers and plants for interior decoration.

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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