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Preserved plants – All you must know

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Plantas preservadas - Verdissimo

Preserved plants – All you must know

Preserved plants have become a solution for home, office, and commercial spaces decoration projects. Why are they so demanded? What are preserved plants exactly?

Plantas preservadas - Verdissimo

Surely you have heard about them, but you still don’t know all the details. From Verdissimo, as a wholesaler of preserved plants, we have made this article to unveil all you must know about this great product.

What are preserved plants?

Preserved plants are 100% natural plants that have gone through a preservation process to maintain their beauty and freshness without the need for water or light.

They are very resistant and lasting plants, that with the appropriate care can maintain their beauty for months or years without the need of being pruned or watered.

¿Qué son las plantas preservadas?
Decoration made by Wonder Scapes

What is the preservation process of a plant?

How to preserve plants? This is a question many ask themselves. It’s not an easy process! The plant preservation method we use in Verdissimo is our own process which consists of cutting the plants in their maximum beauty splendor, once they are cut they are introduced in containers filled with a liquid composed of glycerin, water, and stabilizers (a preservation liquid produced by us). During the liquid absorption process,  the sap evaporates and is replaced by this liquid. At the end of the stabilization process,  the plants are left to dry in special chambers for several days.

Once the necessary days have passed, we proceed to make a cleaning check to eliminate any sign of dry or damaged leaves. Quality control during the preservation process is very thorough to guarantee the maximum beauty of our products.


How to take care of preserved plants?

To take care of preserved plants is not necessary to make a great effort. Their maintenance is practically 0. This is one of the main advantages of these products, they don’t require water or light to maintain their beauty throughout time. Even so, we are going to share with you advice, so your preserved plants are kept for months and even years as beautiful as the first day:

  • Do not introduce them in water containers.
  • Keep them away from humid places or environments.
  • Don’t leave them in direct sunlight.
  • Don’t put pressure on them or crush them.

Types of preserved plants

Next, we make a compilation of the types of plants we offer our clients:


The types of moss you can find are: Lichen, ball moss, and flat moss. Here we will give you a brief description of each one, so you know the differences between them!

Lichen preservado - Verdissimo


Lichen is easy to find in many gardens and forests because it easily propagates itself over the rugged bark of the trees, maintaining its humidity. This plant can grow up to 15 centimeters and is very resistant to complex environmental conditions. In Verdissimo we offer it to our clients to create perfect interior decorations.


Musgo bola preservado - Verdissimo

Pole Moss

Pole moss is a Bryophyte sp species. It’s a non-vascular bryophyte plant of a very vibrant green color that doesn’t have stems or leaves. Its preserved version is perfect to make floral arrangements, vertical walls, etc..


Musgo plano preservado - Verdissimo

Flat Moss

The same as ball moss, flat moss is a non-vascular bryophyte of a very vibrant green. And there is no doubt, preserved ball moss is the protagonist of many vertical walls. Its natural look and lack of maintenance make it the star of these floral art creations.



In preserved greens we have grass, leaves branches, and fill.

Cesped preservado - Verdissimo


The grass, called Agrostis stolonifera is also known as creeping bent grass. It´s used as an ornamental plant thanks to its versatility and the density of its covering. It´s quite common to find it in vegetable walls combined with other products.


Aralia has big green bi-pinnate leaves gathered at the top of the branches. Its intense dark green is perfect for different styles of decoration, for example: country style, ethnic, and even minimalist.


Cinearia leaves preservada - Verdissimo

Cineraria Leaves

The Cineraria leaf is a type of lobe-shaped leaf of a perennial shrub plant found in grey tones. It’s a type of leaf used a lot in winter decoration for homes, commercial spaces and even events.


Helecho preservado - Verdissimo


It includes numerous known species used to adorn any home: Brillante, Lutti, Felci, Roca y Plume, among others. It can be used in country decorations and even with a boho style.


Hoja tropica preservada - Verdissimo

Tropical Leaf

Its leaves, with intense colors, are oval with a very characteristic transversal cut. They are used to make wreaths, walls and for decorating interiors with a colonial, fall, and ethnic style, among others.


Hojas de palmeras preservadas - Verdissimo

Palm fronds

These are the leaves of the Washingtonia Palm, originated in the United States and Mexico. Its leaves have a very characteristic shape because they have a petiole with a rounded fan shape.


Ivy preservado - Verdissimo


This is a perennial leaf with a central shape, very dark green color, and exceptionally light streaks. It catches people´s attention because of its shiny surface and its coriaceous leaves.

Álamo preservado - Verdissimo

White Poplar

The precious branches of this tree belonging to the Salicaceae family are used often for interior decoration, events, and homes. Its delicate look gives harmony to spaces.


Árbol de pimienta preservado - Verdissimo

Pepper Tree

This is a very characteristic branch because it has red round seeds arranged in bunches. It´s very traditional for Christmas decoration, although it´s also quite common to see these types of branches in boho and country decoration.


Castaño preservado - Verdissimo


This is a branch that gives great volume to floral art creations. It can be combined with flowers and other types of plants to decorate spaces in a country, casual and even classic style.

Cocolus preservado - Verdissimo


This ornamental branch is native to Southeast Asia. It has a warm, fresh, and delicate effect and therefore it is ideal for the decoration of social and corporate events, and congresses.

Eucalipto preservado - Verdissimo


Eucalyptus leaves have simple, alternate, and habitually wide leaves with full and toothed borders. There´s a great variety of eucalyptus the ones that stand out are: Cinerea, Gunny, Baby Blue, Popolus, Nicoly y Parvifolia.


Fagus preservado - Verdissimo


Gives great volume to floral art creations because of its robust size and big stem and straight trunk which makes it unbelievably valuable. It also has an oval crown in its upper third.


Roble preservado - Verdissimo

Roble Oak

It is native to the northern hemisphere and its leaves are identified easily because they present a very characteristic sinuous border. The perfect branches for a rustic and boho decoration!


Salal preservado - Verdissimo


This branch has perennial, thick, hard, dark green, oval-shaped leaves. It gives a lot of freshness and vitality because of its vibrant Green.


Thuja orientalis preservado - Verdissimo

Thuja Orientalis

This is the branch of a coniferous tree native of the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. Its green leaves are arranged in crossed alternate pairs. Ideal for a country style.


Bear Grass preservado - Verdissimo

Bear Grass

At an aesthetical level, its leaves are green, long, fine, flexible, and very light. It gives verticality, and this is why it is ideal for minimalist decoration.


Boj preservado - Verdissimo


This is a fill that stands out for having rounded lanceolate leaves with very dark and vibrant green color. It also has little yellow flowers which are somewhat visible, but they help to quickly identify this product.


Elephant reed preservado - Verdissimo

Elephant Reed

This is a lignified and mature stem from the gramineous family. Its rigid and vertical look make it into a star product for more modern and minimalist decoration.

Foxtail preservado - Verdissimo


Foxtail has a very voluminous and green look. It´s a classic in decorations where we look for freshness and naturalness. Very appropriate for interior decorations with a country style.


Ginerium preservado - Verdissimo


Ginerium is a cluster of stems arranged in a fan shape. They are very sophisticated and elegant, this is why we love them for the decoration of office spaces, studies etc.


Lanuginosa preservada - Verdissimo


It has very eye-catching green spherical flowers with yellow streaks. It´s a perfect fill to make bouquets and centerpieces… It gives volume and freshness!


Lepto Lungifolia preservado - Verdissimo

Lepto Lungifolia

It´s ideal for planters forming part of plant compositions or standing alone, and as separating hedges. You can find different varieties of Lepto Lungifolia.


Lepto Myrtifolia Preservado - Verdissimo

Lepto Myrtifolia

It´s a fill with a very dense structure and it usually measures between 1 to 8 meters in height, it has simple and small perennial leaves, its flowers have five colorful petals.

How to use plants in decoration?

Plants in decoration are used to give a green color accent to spaces and that touch of freshness and naturalness that we all like so much.

These plants can be placed in different rooms, from a living room to a kitchen, bathroom, office, foyer…there is no room that resists its charms!

Nevertheless, to use them correctly it´s necessary to choose those that best fit the decoration style of the space to maintain coherence and harmony and select the ones that are more adequate for the space, taking into consideration size and what it´s done with it. For example: if we work, it will be advisable to use some types of plants and if we sleep others will be more adequate.

Decoration projects with preserved plants

In this section we will share a compilation of images where you can see some of the decoration projects that have been carried out with preserved plants from Verdissimo. Projects ranging from decorating restaurants, to offices, airports, hotels …

Discover the projects in the image gallery!

Plant logistics and transportation

Verdissimo’s preserved plants are stored and transported in pallets. Pallets are used because they keep the products in perfect condition as they prevent any of our plants from coming into contact with the ground and moisture. In addition, they also protect the plants from blows and other actions that may cause them damage.

Our products are transported in containers and dry cargo, that is, they don´t require refrigeration, which translates into energy savings.

Regarding storage, it should be noted that before being transported, these are stored in appropriate conditions: dry places with temperatures between 15ºC and 25ºC in closed boxes to prevent light and dust from reducing their quality.

Plant packaging

For us, the quality of our preserved plants is a priority. However, this does not mean that we neglect the image and packaging of our products. Specifically, we take care of creating packaging for our plants that serve as a presentation card.

Some of the characteristics that attract the most attention are the following:

  • Packaging that is totally optimized to occupy the least possible space.
  • Packaging that also protects the preserved plants.
  • Packaging made with recyclable materials.
  • Packaging aimed at communicating to the end customer, where the functionalities of the product are shown, how they should be cared for, brand values, etc.

Why use preserved plants for decoration?

Here are the reasons why decorators from around the world choose to use preserved plants in their designs:

  • Low maintenance: Preserved plants are used not only in homes but also in restaurants, hotels, and other businesses because they require minimal maintenance. They retain their beauty over time without needing water or light. Just remember to occasionally dust them off!
  • They possess great beauty: Preserved plants possess the same beauty as natural plants. They are indistinguishable to the naked eye! This makes them widely used in the decoration of spaces, as nobody will notice the difference.
  • They offer great versatility: Preserved plants offer a wide range of decorative possibilities indoors. They are perfect for creating vertical gardens and all kinds of green spaces, both in commercial interiors and homes.
  • Wide variety: At Verdissimo, you can find a great variety of preserved plants and flowers that are perfect for ambient decoration.

Verdissimo, productor y mayorista de plantas preservadas

The Verdissimo group is the largest wholesaler in the production of preserved plants. Although different preservation techniques for decoration with flowers and plants have been known for years, the Verdissimo group was the first to patent this system.

From our beginnings more than 25 years ago to today, technological advances and the continuous efforts of our excellent team of professionals have made it possible for the company to position itself as a leading wholesaler in the large-scale production of preserved plants.

If you are looking for preserved plants, contact us!


Verdissimo | ¡Descubre la belleza de las flores preservadas!

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