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Wedding flowers

Flowers are an essential component in any wedding, bringing freshness, beauty and a personal touch to the ceremony. Their presence not only beautifies the surroundings, but also has the power to convey emotions and symbolize the feelings of the bride and groom. Choosing the right flowers can make a big difference in the atmosphere of your special day. Here is a selection of recommended flowers for weddings, each with its own meaning and charm, so stay tuned and find out which ones are the best options for you!

Recommended wedding flowers

If you are getting married, and you are already thinking about the flowers for the wedding, remember that they are one of the most important elements in your big day. They are the detail that will make the difference, bringing freshness to the ceremony. For this reason, here are some of the perfect flowers for a wedding, so don’t miss out on the details!


The rose is the star flower of any garden. Its beauty, aroma and its great variety of colors make it perfect for any floral composition. Each color represents a different thing. Therefore, if you use this flower at your wedding, we suggest you to choose one of these two colors:

  • Red roses: these red flowers symbolize passion.
  • White roses: they represent purity and innocence. For this reason, they are the first choice for many brides.
  • Pink roses: symbolize the oath of love.





The chrysanthemum is the national flower of Japan and is one of the most popular in the world. It is widely used in these ceremonies, as it symbolizes delicacy, love and truth. Its characteristics mean that this flower is also used for centerpieces or the bride’s bouquet.

Chrysanthemum can be found in different colors. As with other flowers, keep in mind the color you choose for your floral compositions, as each one represents a different thing.

The most common chrysanthemums used in weddings are:

  • Red: passion
  • White: truth

arreglos florales con crisantemos - verdissimo



Gardenias represent joy and sincerity. You can get a very elegant bridal bouquet if you opt for gardenias. With these white flowers you can create beautiful bridal bouquets that will leave you speechless, although a good option is also to combine it with pastel pink tones.

gardenias - verdissimo




Hydrangeas are perfect flowers for any floral composition. Their size and delicate colors make these flowers the perfect choice for your wedding day, thanks to their ability to create a romantic atmosphere on their own.

Many brides select them for their bouquet because of their naturalness and simplicity. Also, although they don’t have a very good reputation, their real meaning makes hydrangeas the perfect complement for you on your big day.

This is because they symbolize femininity and temperance, two qualities that should accompany you throughout the ceremony.




Did you know that carnations are the flowers that symbolize affection and romanticism? This makes them ideal for weddings. In addition, these flowers have pastel colors, powdery colors that make the decoration of that day especially romantic and sweet. They can be placed on the altars, on the church pews, on the wedding carriage, in the bridal bouquet, on the banquet chairs or on the table… You choose where to place them, because they symbolize femininity and temperance, two qualities that should accompany you throughout the ceremony.



Orchids…. what special, original and sophisticated flowers! Sometimes we forget that they can be the perfect allies of any ceremony, including weddings. These flowers are ideal for floral arrangements of all kinds, even the smallest ones, the famous boutonnière usually worn by the groom, the witnesses, the best man…

orquídeas para bodas




Preserved peonies are a wonderful choice for weddings, offering not only timeless beauty, but also great practicality. These flowers are not merely decorative; they symbolize prosperity, good luck and lasting love, making them a deeply meaningful choice for any wedding ceremony. With their voluminous and seductive appearance, peonies bring a sense of luxury and sophistication. This not only makes them more sustainable by reducing the need for replacement, but also allows couples to keep a beautiful physical reminder of their special day.


Seasonal wedding flowers

At Verdissimo, where preserved flowers maintain their beauty year-round, you don’t have to limit yourself to the seasons when selecting your wedding flowers. Our preserved bridal flowers offer the fresh, vibrant look of flowers at their peak, no matter the time of year. Here are a few popular choices that will stay perfect throughout your wedding:

  • Spring: Preserved tulips, peonies and daffodils.
  • Summer: Preserved roses, sunflowers and lilies.
  • Autumn: Chrysanthemums, dahlias and preserved calla lilies.
  • Winter: Amaryllis, ranunculus and preserved roses.

Opting for preserved flowers for weddings is a great way to ensure that your floral decoration is as timeless as your memory of your most special day.

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