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Catalogue of Preserved Flowers and Plants of Verdissimo

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descubre el catalogo de verdissimo - verdissimo

Catalogue of Preserved Flowers and Plants of Verdissimo

At Verdissmo, the leading producer of preserved flowers and plants, every season we create a catalog so that our customers can explore the best preserved products for interior decoration and even events.

descubre el catalogo de verdissimo - verdissimo

In this post, we’ll tell you about the main products that you’ll find within it. Don’t miss out!

But if you want to see our product catalog directly, we’ll make it easy for you. Access the following link that you will find below and download the complete catalog:

Preserved flowers

We offer the best and most beautiful preserved flowers on the market. You can choose among a wide variety. Some of these flowers include:


The rose, as you know well, is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. It’s the queen of the garden, which is why it’s a must in our flower catalog. You can find it with or without stems and in different shapes and sizes (mini, premium or standard) and numerous colors (pink, red, white, yellow, green, blue, orange, etc.)

Rosas con tallos de Colores - Verdissimo



This flower is very versatile. It can be used at Christmas events, birthdays, weddings, etc. It’s another one of the main flowers in our catalog and you can also find it in different varieties, such as Cymbidium and Dendrobidium. Its colors are very vibrant and the most common varieties come in white, yellow and green.


The chrysanthemum, just like the orchid, brings a lot of volume to compositions. It’s very characteristic and often used in floral compositions in many different styles. The varieties you can find in our catalog are: Anastasia, Focus and Sharp. Common colors in the three varieties are white, yellow, peach and green.


Gardenias, along with roses, are one of the most famous types of flowers that exist because of their great beauty.  The most common scientific name is Gardenia Jasminoides. It’s the China´s favorite and its perennial leaves are light green and its flowers are similar to roses, voluminous, and you can find them in different colors.

gardenias - verdissimo


The gerbera is a very beautiful flower and growing them has become very popular around the world, both for cutting and for decorating spaces. It’s an ideal flower to recreate the boho-chic style. And not only that! The Gerbera, combined with greens and branches gives a very country style in environments.

Floral fillers

Some of the most notable floral fillers in Verdissimo’s catalog for the 2018-2019 season are the following:


Lavender is an ideal floral filler to combine with other products or to use on its own to interior decorate rustic/country-style events. This is one of the floral fillers that you’ll find in our preserved product catalog and it will help you give that fresh touch to spaces.


Solidago is another high-quality floral filler. Just like lavender, this floral filler is perfect for decorating rustic and country-style spaces. For years, it’s been in our catalog of flowers and plants, including this season.


Amaranth, with its unique leaves, is perfect for boho decoration due to its bright colors. You can find it in our catalog in colors such as: white, yellow, red, etc. It’s one of the products we offer at Verdissimo for vertical gardens.

Amaranthus - miniatura - verdissimo


It’s known as Stoebe Plumosum. It’s characterized for having very straight branches with a very feathery look. They look like small and Woody bushes. Stoebe is a plant genre of flowering plants in the Asteraceae family. It comprises 85 described species and they are perfect for adding volume to compositions.

Stoebe - miniatura - verdissimo

Brunia Albiflora

Brunia Albiflora is a plant that attracts a lot of attention because it has spectacular foliage, very similar to that of a pine tree thanks to its narrow lanceolate leaves, its delicate hairs, and its beautiful spheres.

This floral filling is often used to add a delicate look and volume to floral compositions.

jardin vertical brunia - verdissimo

Moss and grass

In our catalog, you’ll also find different types of moss and grass. Some of these types include:

Pole Moss

like previous years, you’ll find moss balls in our 2018-2019 catalog, without stems or leaves and in the shape of a ball – as its name suggests. Moss balls are an intense green color and come in a box of 8 units.

Flat moss

Another type of moss in Verdissimo’s catalog is flat moss. Like moss balls, this type of moss is a bright green, without stems or leaves. However, this moss is commonly used in creating vertical gardens, as shown in the image below.


Lichen is very similar to moss, though the green color is slightly darker. This product also comes without stems and leaves, and we’ve had it in our catalog for several seasons. Its main use is decorating corporate events and creating vertical gardens.


Regarding fillers for decoration or floral arrangements, we offer:


The foxtail is one of Verdissimo’s preserved ferns. It’s an ideal product for decorating minimal spaces or combining with other products to create personal floral compositions with personality. We’ve had it in our catalog for many seasons… and still do!


The gynerium has long, green stems that form a fan, perfect for sophisticated and minimal decoration. They give height to spaces because they’re straight and tall.


Next we’ll show you some branches that you can get from Verdissimo this season:


Fagus (beech) branches are popular due to their great versatility. They’re a dark green color, perfect for combining with other products. On their own, they also work as a suitable decorative element for many different decorative styles.


Eucalyptus (Populous) is another commonly used branch in our catalog. Its reddish green color makes it one of the most representative branches of rustic and farmhouse decoration. You can find it in our catalog in the 2018-2019 season.


Quercus branches, also known as oak branches, are very characteristic because they have leaves with curvy edges. These branches can be found in our catalog, along with many other branches that are suitable for decorating different spaces and events.


Papyrus, also known as Cyperus papyrus, is a marsh plant that has a very intense green color and that has a stem with a triangular section with its leaves arranged like a star in its superior part. It’s a perfect filler to decorate different environments, such as boho, classic, country, etc.

Papyrus - Verdissimo


Tropical Leaf

The scientific name for tropical leaves is elephoglossum lomariopsidaceae. Its intense color leaves are oval and with a very characteristic cross-section and you can find them in different shades: yellow, red, and green. Perfect for fall decoration!

Hoja tropica preservada - Verdissimo


In this post, we’ve mentioned some products that you can find in our catalog. If you want to explore each and every flower and plant at Verdissimo, you can see our catalog:

banner catalogue - verdissimo

All types of preserved flowers, branches, leaves and floral fillers are waiting for you to decorate any interior or event with high-quality, 100%-natural products this season.

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!


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