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Flower Names: What Do They Mean?

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El significado de los nombres de las flores - verdissimo

Flower Names: What Do They Mean?

The meanings behind flower names have their origins in antiquity, going back to times when women and men expressed their most profound feelings through the language of flowers. At Verdissimo we’re trying to revive this ancient tradition that deals with feelings and values.

El significado de los nombres de las flores - verdissimo

Flowers: their names and meanings

  • Gardenia: This is the name of a flower that represents secret love between two people, the suffering derived from such a hidden relationship, and all the feelings associated with this situation.
  • Rose: There are a wide variety of colors of roses, and each one of them represents different feelings, such as jealousy, patience, dignity, joy, pain, mysterious affection, love at first sight, nostalgia, beauty, long-lasting love, innocence, simplicity, and purity. As a point of reference, we recommend the articles “White Roses: What Do They Signify?” and “Legends About Red Roses.”
  • Mini Calla: The flower name ‘mini calla’ refers to beauty. In ancient times, when the mini calla flower was given as a gift it was to affirm and proclaim the beauty of the person receiving this attractive present.
  • Carnation: The carnation represents various feelings, based on its type and color. The name carnation refers to flirtation, disdain, innocence, gallantry, rejection, sighs of the heart, or the love of a woman for a man.
  • Chrysanthemum: The name chrysanthemum refers to the flower that represents unrequited love, the end of a relationship, sincerity, eternity, the fragility of relationships, declarations and expressions of love, and the inability to overcome a loss.
  • Hortensia: The name hortensia refers to caprice, that is to say, the decision to take or seize something simply because ‘I want it,’ on a whim, or perhaps because it’s something new, extraordinary, extravagant, or original.
  • Orchid: Orchids symbolize “unique beauty.” Giving it as a gift is one of the oldest and nicest ways of declaring your love for a woman who is a unique beauty in your eyes.

At Verdissimo we have a large catalog of preserved plants and flowers to unleash your imagination.

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