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Hyperion, the Tallest Tree in the World

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Hyperion, the Tallest Tree in the World

Here at Verdissimo, the world’s largest producer of preserved plants and flowers, we’d like to tell you about Hyperion, the tree which, at a height of 115.55 meters (397.1 feet), has been recognized as the tallest tree in the world.


Hyperion is a Sequoia sempervirens, a plant which belongs to the Cupressaceae family. Sequoia sempervirens is commonly known as coast redwood or California redwood, since the vast majority of them are located there.

They are among the most long-lived trees in existence: their maximum lifespan can be anywhere from 2000 to 3000 years, during which time period they can grow to great heights.

The Location of the Hyperion Tree

Hyperion was discovered in August of 2006 by Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor in Redwood National Park while they were they were hiking.

Redwood National Park is in the United States, specifically, in California, in Humboldt County and Del Norte County. Along with state parks Del Norte Coast, Jedediah Smith, and Prairie Creek, Redwood National Park occupies an area of 540 km2.

About 45% of the redwood forests in the whole world are contained within these parks, and one of the highlights for many hikers is Hyperion, due to its great size.

Hyperion Tree, tallest known on Earth.

Why Was It Named “Hyperion”?

The name “Hyperion” is meant to compare it to a titan of the same name from Greek mythology.

Hyperion, as the son of Uranus (god of the sky) and Gaea (goddess of the earth) was known as “he who walks in the high places” and “he who appears before the sun.” He was one of the twelve titans, and was considered to be a god of watchfulness, which is a good fit for the tallest tree on the planet, which seems to keep watch over its surroundings from its impressive, dominating height.

The Next Tallest Trees on the Planet

Hyperion is at the top of the list of the tallest trees on the planet. However, other equally imposing, if slightly shorter, trees are also on the list. Some of them include the following:

  • Icarus: 113.14 m (371.2 feet), situated in Redwood, Redwood Creek Tributary, California, USA.
  • Stratosphere Giant: 113.11 meters (371.1 feet), situated in Humboldt, Rockefeller Forest, California, USA.
  • Orion: 112.63 meters (369.5 feet), situated in Redwood, Redwood Creek Tributary, California, USA.
  • Lauralyn: 112.62 meters (369.5 feet), situated in Humboldt, South Fork Eel River, California, USA.
  • Paradox: 112.56 meters tall (369.2 feet), situated in Humboldt, Rockefeller Forest, California, USA.
  • Mendocino: 112.20 meters tall, (368.1 feet), situated in Montgomery Woods, California, USA.

What other trees do you think should have been on this list of the tallest trees in the world? Tell us in the comments!

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