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The impact of the floral industry in countries like Colombia and Ecuador

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impact floral industry - verdissimo

The impact of the floral industry in countries like Colombia and Ecuador

Do you know the impact the floral industry has in Latin America? Specifically in Colombia and Ecuador? From Verdissimo we review the Colombian and Ecuadorian flower sector, we give you data of the industry in both countries, we are talking about the support that the governments of Ecuador and Colombia offer to this sector and much more.

impact floral industry - verdissimo

Industry Facts

The flowers cultivated in Ecuador and Colombia are commercialized by different continents, not only America. Their commercialization extends to the whole world thanks to the competitive advantages and the technical capacity the floral industry has consolidated in both countries.

Roses, carnations, hydrangeas, and chrysanthemum crops, among many other species, are some of the varieties planted in the Colombian and Ecuadorian fields.

Why in Ecuador and Colombia? One of the main reasons why so many flower species are produced in both countries is because of the natural advantages they have for flower production. The advantages offered by their geography allow them to have floral diversity with a multitude of species varieties and the possibility of growing them all year long.

Industry impact on society

The floral sector in both Colombia and Ecuador has established itself as the protagonist of rural development in these countries due to its level of exports and its impact on society. Innovaflora alone directly provides more than 700 jobs in Ecuador and Colombia and, indirectly, more than 1,200 jobs.

Along with other industries (such as the coffee or banana industry in Colombia for example), the flower market has established itself as one of the fastest-growing sectors.

Government support

We couldn´t finish this post without talking about the support of the governments of Ecuador and Colombia to the industry, logistical support, and support to the associations of the trade.

Our company Guirnaldas came to form part of the association Asocolflores last month in April.

The most important association in the sector of Colombia and with which we hope to continue to collaborate and actively work with.

It’s worth mentioning that in this time of pandemic caused by COVID-19, government support allowed containers of flower products to be transported with fewer restrictions than regular cargo. And we hope to continue working in this line of active collaboration for a long time.

With the support of governments and with the application of science and technology, the Colombian and Ecuadorian flower industry can take steps towards new lines of development in both countries, lines that will continue to have such a positive impact on society.

From Verdissimo we hope that this post has helped you learn more details about the flower industry in these LATAM countries and, above all, to know what the impact this sector has on the society of the two countries.

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