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Japan follows the trend of using preserved flowers for decoration

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Japan follows the trend of using preserved flowers for decoration - Verdissimo

Japan follows the trend of using preserved flowers for decoration

Floral decoration is an ancient technique that consists of mixing flowers with leaves, branches and other accessories to achieve highly decorative compositions.

Japan follows the trend of using preserved flowers for decoration - Verdissimo

Floral art was practised in Egypt, Rome and Greece and also in the ancient Asian civilisations.

Ikebana: A millennial Japanese floral art technique which has been adopted worldwide

The refined and delicate style of oriental design is currently one of the most popular floral art compositions. In Japan, refinement and a love for details achieves unsurpassed standards. Japan is the originating country of ikebana, a floral design technique that involves the three basic pillars of existence: the universe, man and the earth. In ikebana compositions balance, minimalism and the use of a variety of natural elements and colours prevail. Ikebana is not only a type of floral art but is also a real life philosophy based on respecting and communicating with nature.

In Japanese culture, flowers are very important. Let’s not forget that Japan is also known as The Country of the Chrysanthemum, its national flower. The lotus flower and cherry blossom flowers also define Japan.

Japanese people really love floral decoration. Their close relationship with flowers has extended to preserved plants. Currently, the Japanese are one of the largest consumers in the world of these kinds of flowers and foliage, which are causing a frenzy due to their endless possibilities in decoration.

Floral compositions with preserved plants: A world of endless possibilities

One of the main limitations of creations made with fresh flowers is their short lifespan. Current trends in floral art opt for permanent or long-lasting creations made with materials like bark, pieces of wood, leaves, preserved flowers, etc. The advantages of preserved plants, apart from the fact that they last longer, is that they do not need maintenance, water or sunlight. Their decorative possibilities are endless as it is now possible to use exotic or out of season varieties which would be very difficult or impossible to use with fresh plants.

In Japan, Verdissimo’s preserved plants and flowers are widely accepted. It is hugely satisfying to know that all of the effort and dedication to create a product of the highest quality is appreciated as it should be. The Verdissimo group exports its preserved flowers and plants to more than 40 countries, including Japan.

At Verdissimo you will find an incredible variety of preserved flowers and plants and a great team of advisors for your interior decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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