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logos with preserved products - verdissimo

Logos with preserved products

The logo is a fundamental part of a brand’s identity. It is the first impression that your company will make and it will be part of the image that your customers, potential customers, suppliers, etc. will have of you. It is the image that you sell to the world, therefore, it must represent the message you want to convey: what you are and what you do. You should try to convey positive messages that have to do directly with your company.

logos with preserved products - verdissimo

In addition to having the features that every logo must have, such as being readable, associated with your company, unique, and adaptable to any format and reproducible in any material, your logo must have a visual impact that reaches everyone. We’ll tell you below why a logo with preserved products will help you create this feeling.

Why make logos with preserved products?

A logo with preserved products is an increasing trend in decoration. Why? Because they give the image of a company a natural and ecological image, and brings corporate values related to the care of the environment, giving a feeling of well-being and comfort. In addition, aesthetically, they act as a decorative element that attracts attention, gives a lot of visibility and is very attractive.

In addition to all this, another advantage presented by logos with preserved products is that they do not need any care or maintenance, so they will be very durable over time. They also convey a lot of serenity, invite relaxation and a very positive feeling for the all five senses.

Decoration of these logos with preserved products is completed through the use of preserved moss. A plant that, like all our products, has undergone a process of preservation and stabilization, in which the sap is replaced by a compound that allows the plant to maintain the same appearance and touch as the living plant for a long period of time. Because of this treatment and sap replacement, preserved moss is a product that does not grow, so it always maintains the same appearance. For all these characteristics and for its aesthetic attractiveness, it is a product that is booming; to decorate any type of space or interior surface: walls, objects, furniture… Any of these spaces in your office could be suitable to place your corporate logo accompanied with preserved products, which will surely make it stand out more.

Therefore, if you have a logo made with preserved products in your company premises, you will begin to transmit a careful, innovative, attractive, positive, quality and natural image. Your brand image will improve and be easily remembered and associated with these values.

If you want to differentiate yourself in the market and stand out in originality, here at Verdissimo we make logos with preserved products and offer a multitude of options, according to the needs of each client. We want your brand to stand out in the market and convey a recognized and positive brand image to all concerned.

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