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7 must-follow floral artists

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artistas florales que deberias seguir - verdissimo

7 must-follow floral artists

At Verdissimo, as producers of preserved flowers and plants, we love floral art. That’s why we want to dedicate this article to telling you about must-follow floral artists on social media.

artistas florales que deberias seguir - verdissimo

1. Mary Lennox

Mary Lennox is a floral artist known for her floral designs with vibrant colors. In her work, we can see oranges, pinks and reds. However, this doesn’t stop her from making pieces with subtler colors. As you can see on her Instagram, one of the flowers she uses most is the rose, the queen of all gardens. We love her work!

2. Pedro Fuset

Floral artist Pedro Fuset is a designer used to working with preserved products. He’s been commissioned for floral decoration at a number of spaces and events, including the “Vuelta Ciclista.” Although he’s used to working with both flowers and greenery, his vertical moss gardens stand out on his Instagram.

3 Azuma Makoto

Azuma Makoto is one of the most renowned floral artists on the international scene. The Japanese floral art he makes focuses on floral arrangements and botanic sculptures. It’s not the first time we’ve talked about this designer at Verdissimo. If you want to learn more about him, you can read our article “Azuma Makoto, a pioneer of floral design.”

4. Rebecca Louise Law

Rebecca Louise Law is a designer capable of creating floral designs full of light. She makes striking floral compositions mainly characterized by being hung from the ceiling. Regarding her use of color, we should note that she opts for subtle tones, whites, light pinks, etc. On her social media, you can also find a few floral compositions with more vibrant colors.

5. Preston Bailey

Preston Bailey is another floral artist we’ve spoken of in another article: “Preston Bailey, the floral designer for celebrities.” This designer is commissioned for floral decoration at large events and is well-known worldwide for working with celebrities such as Oprah and Joan Rivers.

6. Karen Tran

Karen Tran is the founder of Karen Tran Florals. This prestigious designer has over 20 years of experience worldwide and in her designs, she relies on roses and orchids. Find out all about Karen Tran in this article: “Karen Tran, an internationally recognized name in floral art.”

7. Anna Potter

Anna Potter

Anna Potter is the founding floral artist of Swallows and Damsons. On her social media, Potter is used to showing what art and design with flowers look like. The designer focuses on floral art for weddings, with bridal bouquets as her biggest specialty. She typically uses very neutral tones in her designs, with white and green taking the lead.

There are many other floral artists who didn’t make the list. Can you help us think of some?

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