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5 Ornamental Trees to Decorate Small Spaces

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ornamental trees to decorate small spaces - verdissimo

5 Ornamental Trees to Decorate Small Spaces

Do you have an indoor space where you would like to create a natural ambience? From Verdissimo, producer of preserved flowers and plants, we know that an important part of the decoration of indoor spaces centres on ornamental trees. The most important thing when you are choosing a suitable product is that you keep in mind the size of the place you are decorating, as if it is a small space, a large tree will “eat up” all the space.

ornamental trees to decorate small spaces - verdissimo

In this article, we propose to you small ornamental trees for decorating limited spaces.

Ornamental Trees

The ornamental trees we recommend are the following:

Thuja Topiary


The Thuja Topiary is a conifer that you can find in different sizes. It’s a magnificent idea to decorate a small space with a Thuja Topiary because, despite its great spherical shape, the trunk is very slim and doesn’t occupy much space. Its presence provokes a beautiful sensation of freshness and naturalness so…just get it!

Slim Tenuifolium


These trees come from New Zealand and are used often in ornamental decorations. Despite having volume and being very thick, they are typically used to make small spaces beautiful. Their simplicity, naturalness, freshness and beauty make the Pittosporum tree the perfect product to create a cosy, beautiful, natural and inspired place with a very bright decoration.



Gynerium is a preserved plant that originates in the Americas and is excellent for the decoration of a small space. Its simplicity, fineness and length make green Gynerium the perfect option for minimalist decoration. Also, this plant is perfect for breaking the severity of certain floral compositions created in parallel.

Wide Nicoly


One of the most beautiful preserved trees at Verdissimo for decorating interior spaces is definitely the Wide Nicoly. What’s more, you can find it in our online store for preserved plants and trees in different sizes and colors:

-Green: 180 cm high and 130 cm wide

-Green: 130 cm high and 60 cm wide

-Burgundy: 180 cm high and 130 cm wide

-Burgundy: 130 cm high and 60 cm wide

Bonsai Procumbens


One of the best options for decorating interior spaces with trees is bonsais. As you surely know, bonsais are miniature trees.

One of the most beautiful kinds is the Bonsai Procumbens. This bonsai can get up to 15-70 cm high.

Ideas for decorating confined spaces with trees

If you adore natural decoration with trees… keep on reading! In this section, we’ll tell you our tips for using ornamental trees in the smallest spaces of your home, or even at the office.

  1. Placing them in strategic areas: you should put the trees in strategic areas, for example: in corners (where they don’t bother anybody) or even separating areas. Using trees as dividers has become very trendy; for example separating the living room from a reading or working area.
  1. Choosing the right size: as much as we like an ornamental tree, if it’s too big… it’s better to look for another one! It’s key that you keep in mind the size of the tree for small spaces, otherwise it will take up the entire space and look disproportionate.
  2. Finding the right style: although this decorative rule isn’t unique to small spaces, it’s important to consider the decorative style when choosing one tree over another. For example, in tropical style spaces, palm trees are a no-brainer, while for zen styles, we love bonsais, and so on.

Got more decorative ideas for trees in small spaces? Tell us about your ideas in the comments below!

Ideas for decorating small spaces

If decoration is key to attain cozy and balanced spaces, it’s even more important in small spaces. For this reason, we want to give you some ideas for decorating small spaces:

  1. Use neutral colors: dark colors are more suitable for large spaces. To create open and well-lit spaces, we recommend using neutral colors, such as white, beige, light gray, etc.
  1. Just the right amount of furniture!: the less furniture you put in a small space, the better. Also, you have to carefully choose furniture so it doesn’t block walking paths.
  1. Transparent curtains: in small spaces, light plays an important role. Because of this, here at Verdissimo we recommend that you opt for transparent curtains or blinds instead of solid ones, so natural light comes through.
  2. Hang mirrors: if you strategically hang mirrors, you’ll help the space look much larger. We recommend a mirror on the wall to provide depth to the space.
  1. Less is more: Van der Rohe’s idea of “less is more” is even more key in small spaces. Don’t overuse furniture or other decorative elements, as we’ve mentioned previously.

Now you know how to decorate a small space to make the most of it. Go on and create your dream space!

Remember that at Verdissimo, we have the perfect ornamental trees so you can create natural and wonderful spaces. Also, don’t forget that our trees are preserved! This means that they’re completely maintenance-free, so they don’t need any light or water to survive. Also, these trees have a long lifespan. They can live for months or years and always keep their beauty, just like a completely fresh tree.

At Verdissimo you will find a huge variety of ornamental trees that don’t need water or sunlight for their maintenance.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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