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5 plants and flowers to lift your mood

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5 plants and flowers to lift your mood - Verdissimo

5 plants and flowers to lift your mood

Did you know that there exist flowers and plants to lift your mood? if you find yourself in a bad moment or someone who you love is going through hard times, remember that some plants can help you.

5 plants and flowers to lift your mood - Verdissimo

From Verdissimo, we have made a small list with five plants and flowers that are perfect to fight against pain, sadness, anxiety, etc.


We open up this list of plants to lift your mood with orchids. These elegant and beautiful flowers can be found in many shapes, sizes, and colors. It’s a plant used to harmonize the different spaces in the home and the workplace. They are lasting plants that the great Feng Shui masters use for the decoration of homes.

In Verdissimo you can find Cymbidium in our catalog, a species of orchid with a range of sizes from small to big, that grows in weathers that range from cool to cold and it is epiphytic or lithophytic. It flowers in the spring.

arreglos florales con orquideas - verdissimo


Roses are not only the most beautiful flowers in the garden, but according to a study, it has been shown that the aroma that these beautiful flowers release is capable of relaxing and making people in a room feel more comfortable.

These flowers have always been used to decorate spaces, to make gifts, to create bouquets… these flowers are very used, requested, and valued in many countries of the world. Now we don’t only know that they have great aesthetic capabilities but they also can lift the mood.

Ramo de rosas V-Rose - Verdissimo


Lavender, it’s a great option to relax and lift the mood of people, it has a potent calming effect. Many studies have confirmed that lavender is capable of reducing the rhythm of the heart and the levels of stress in the body. this makes it an ideal plant to place in a bedroom, or to place in a place of work because it can reduce anxiety.

lavanda maceta - verdissimo


Eucalyptus is another of the plants that lift your mood. it’s a great decorative element that takes us to natural and fresh environments, but, besides decorating, it releases an amazing smell that produces a very positive effect in people. This is why it’s perfect to place in homes and offices.

This plant is native to temperate zones of the northern hemisphere and is very characteristic because its leaves are simple, alternate, and usually wide with whole and serrated borders. You can find it in our catalog at Verdissimo.


Moss includes numerous known species that have been used to adorn any space. It’s a plant capable of purifying the air and takes the inhabitants of a space to fresh and natural places. Its botanical name is Adiantum Raddianum.

As you can see, changing the mood with plants is possible. you only have to select the right ones. In Verdissimo we have many flowers and plants that can surely lift your mood or to the person you love the most.



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