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Trends Store Decoration

In previous articles we have talked about commercial spaces decoration, hotels, restaurants … but we still have not talked about store decoration. The same as in restaurants and other commercial spaces, in the stores located next to the street, decoration acts as a call for the public. A good decoration can mark the difference with regard to the competition and make your store more appealing for passers-by.

Store decoration - Verdissimo

You have to invest time and resources to get your store to be perfect and exactly reflect the character of your business and your brand. Above all, remember that decoration must adapt itself to the trends of your industry.

Throughout this article, from Verdissimo, we want to review all the trends in store decoration that are being carried out this season 2021/2022

Trends in store decoration 2021/2022

Here we will talk about the 5 trends that are being played out in store decoration this year:

  1. Use of plants and flowers

Plants and flowers have always been a must-have in the decoration of all types of commercial spaces and homes, independently of the style of decoration or the industry. They are very important for stores because they give that fresh and natural touch a client needs when walking through the door. Nevertheless, depending on the type of store it will be convenient to use one or the other. Bet for store decoration with greens!

 Use of plants and flowers - Store decoration - Verdissimo

Photography by Fran Martínez Zorrilla
  1. Dividers

Dividers in stores have also been trending this year, a complicated year where it’s vital to establish transit areas and distance between customers who can visit stores. These dividers can be made out of moss or lichen, because they isolate noise and, above all, because they accumulate contaminant atmospheric substances in their bodies and this is why they are perfect to intercept viruses and harmful elements in the air.

Dividers - Store decoration - Verdissimo

Decoration made by the company Wonders Scapes
  1. Hanging elements

Hanging elements are another trend standing strong in the decoration of stores. These elements can be hanging lamps or plants, and even a combination of both. It’s a good way of decorating a store and of creating a warm environment without losing space. However, this decoration option is especially recommended for those stores that have high ceilings.

Hanging elements - Store decoration - Verdissimo 

Decoration made by the company Wonders Scapes
  1. Combination

The time where everything was monochromatic has ended. Now, what’s trending is the combination of colors, hydraulic tiles that combine drawings, fun walls with graphics, and compositions made with many different flowers… Also, color this season does not come only by the hand of textiles or the paint on the walls, the trend in store decoration in regard to color allows us to place furniture with more daring colors that bring personality into commercial spaces. Nevertheless… neutral colors never go out of style and may continue being used to create timeless spaces!

Combination colours store - Verdisimo

Decoration made by Verdissimo

Decoration in fashion stores

The decoration in fashion stores must represent the brand and the style of the clothing. For example, it’s not the same to decorate a unisex store, in which its more appropriate to use neutral and sober colors, than a young feminine fashion store, where colors and romantic touches are almost a must.

You have to take into consideration that in the decoration of these stores it’s important to know what the public is, if its luxury fashion, low-cost fashion… all of this has to be represented in the decoration.

Decoration in flower shops

What do you expect in the decoration of a flower shop? A natural decoration full of green elements, colors, and nature.

Flower shops are stores with a very rustic decoration, in which the same products that are being sold may act as beautiful decorative elements.

Decoration in technology stores

Technology stores normally bet for simplicity in their decoration. The preferred style of this industry is minimalist, even though this does not mean that greens, plants, and trees cannot be included. Normally, the ones that are chosen are those that bring verticality, not volume, and simple furniture, with sober and neutral colors.

Decoration in furniture stores

The decoration in furniture stores is usually marked by the type of furniture that is being sold. Every corner can be used as an exhibit. Also, green products may be used to give the store a natural touch, above all if the type of furniture being sold in the sore has rustic elements.

Styles of decoration for 2021/2022

The decoration styles in boutique hotels that are trending are the same decoration styles of homes, restaurants, etc. Some of these styles are the following:

  • Boho decoration style: a perfect decorating style for fashion stores meant for a young and feminine public. It’s known for mixing different colors and elements like textiles, etc. It’s daring style and vibrant colors are some of its identity characteristics.
  • Minimalist style: it’s one of the decorating styles of luxury stores, where we have a more exclusive public. It’s characterized by sober colors, ample spaces and sparce furniture, among other things.
  • Rustic decoration style: This is the decoration style for stores that are looking to create warmer environments. It never goes out of style and it’s characterized mainly by the use of greens and other natural elements.

Have you ever thought about store decoration with preserved products? Look at our catalog and discover the number of products we have for you, so your store decoration or your store window decoration is full of freshness.


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