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Do you want to sell Verdissimo’s preserved flowers in your florist shop?

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Verdissimo - preserved flowers suppliers

Do you want to sell Verdissimo’s preserved flowers in your florist shop?

If you want to sell preserved flowers in your flower shop, this post is for you. Today from Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved plants and flowers, we’ll talk about the benefits of preserved products, their use and the benefits of decorating with them. Don’t miss out!

Verdissimo - preserved flowers suppliers

Verdissimo: who we are and all about our products

Verdissimo is the largest preserved flowers supplier in the world. The business started in 1988, offering clients products that used a preservation process to keep their properties and original aspect for a long time. In other words, preserved products… which have become the perfect solution for floral decoration!

Our preserved flowers are premium quality, long-lasting products. They have endless decorative possibilities and they need minimal care.

Preserved plants are unbeatable value for money. While a freshly-cut rose only stays lush and fragrant for a few days, the same preserved rose can maintain its beauty… for much longer!

Increasingly, preserved products are being used for all kinds of interior floral arrangements, and, of course, to make the most original and amazing floral compositions:

  • Floral compositions for events
  • To personalise events
  • To maintain floral decoration in places like restaurants, hotels, health centres, etc.
  • To conserve bridal bouquets.
  • To make original and unique floral art compositions.
  • Wall decorations

The advantages of preserved flowers

But what are the benefits of preserved flowers? We’ll tell you below:

  • Preserved flowers are completely natural.
  • They are an innovative way to preserve the freshness and beauty of live flowers for years.
  • This preservation technique allows a flower to maintain its lush and fresh appearance, as if it were recently-cut.
  • Flowers, trees, plants, and green foliage can undergo the preservation process.
  • With minimum care, preserved plants and flowers can last for years. They only need to be kept out of direct sunlight and kept away from humid areas. Apart from that, they don’t need any special maintenance.
  • Thanks to the preservation treatment, treated plants and flowers do not get attacked by insects and do not grow mould or bacteria, which is why they are so highly regarded for all kinds of decoration and floral art.
  • These fresh flowers have been treated chemically so that they preserve their original texture and colour. Their stems stay as flexible as if they had just been cut.
  • Another advantage is their infinite variety of colours, which can be even more beautiful than the colours of fresh plants.


And…¿Why decorating with preserved plants and flowers?

Preserved flowers and plants are 100% natural and are one of the most common decorative elements. Not only do they give more colour to your everyday life but they are also the best accomplices to decorate and make every corner of your home beautiful!

  • The benefits of flowers and plants are not limited to aesthetic appearance. Studies recommend using fresh plants for the many advantages they offer:
  • They improve your mood. As you know, colour therapy is used in medicine to reduce stress and raise self-esteem.
  • A Floral ambience helps to improve concentration. Experts claim that putting plants in the office, workplace or study room creates a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, which improves concentration.
  • They help us to switch off. There is nothing better than arriving home after a hard day at work and relaxing surrounded by plants and music!
  • They put you in a good mood. The shapes and colours of flowers have the power to transmit positive energy and to increase our vitality.
  • They reduce depression and improve interpersonal relations. Who doesn’t like receiving or sending flowers? The gesture of giving and receiving flowers symbolises an act of love or friendship as it is easy to say with flowers what is sometimes difficult to say with words.

Preserved flowers for your flower shop

Do you have a florist, decoration or gift shop? If your business is related to plants and flowers, you can optimize your performance by selling Verdissimo products. If you are a professional in the industry, you only have to get in touch with us.

Verdissimo plants and flowers allow your business to offer a product of the highest quality with which you can offer a complete after-sales service, gifts, floral art, online orders, on-site sales and collection so that their colours can be seen up close, and delivery to homes, businesses, hotels, and restaurants.

Our preserved flowers are premium quality, long-lasting products. They have endless decorative possibilities and they need minimal care.

From the beginning, we have won the trust of clients and have been the official suppliers for prestigious international companies, such as Disney, Chopard and Interflora.

Verdissimo operates in Europe, Latin America, North America and Japan, among other countries. In all of these countries, our products enjoy recognition and acceptance from both the public and specialised professionals.

If you are looking preserved flowers suppliers, join us. Discover our exclusive products and enjoy all the advantages Verdissimo offers.

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Multiply the possibilities for your business! At Verdissimo, we make it very easy for you!

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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