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How does a fresh flower become a preserved flower?

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¿Cómo pasa una flor natural a ser preservada? - Verdissimo

How does a fresh flower become a preserved flower?

Preserved flowers have undergone a conservation process that allows them to keep their original appearance and beauty for a long time.

¿Cómo pasa una flor natural a ser preservada? - Verdissimo

Preserved flowers and plants allow us to make infinite beautiful, long-lasting floral compositions and they are widely used in interior floral decoration. Preserved flowers and plants undergo an exclusive technological process which gives the plants the appearance of a natural, fresh flower that has just been cut.

What is floral preservation?

Firstly, it should be noted that a preserved flower is a fresh flower that has undergone a special conservation treatment that maintains all of its properties intact. The following is the basic preservation method:

  • In agronomical terms, the flowers and plants are cultivated meticulously and with painstaking care. The croplands are especially designed, fertilised, watered, and have the perfect climatic conditions for each flower. AtVerdissimo, we have croplands in places like Venezuela, Colombia and Spain, countries which have a long-standing tradition worldwide for cultivating flowers and plants.
  • The flowers and plants are harvested when they are in full bloom to ensure their beauty and quality. Once harvested, they are handled with extreme care to avoid damage that would affect the quality of the product.
  • The stems are cut correctly. Once cut and chosen, they are put in containers that are then put in a stabilising chamber. This chamber has the ideal humidity, light, and temperature conditions that the plants need. The revolutionary dehydration process has now been completed.
  • The plants are placed in special containers that hold a specially prepared solution made from glycerine, water, stabilisers, and dyes.
  • The preservation process is carried out in stages, gradually increasing the concentration of the stabilizzative components.
  • During this process, the preservation solution replaces the sap until the plant has the correct moisture content, which ensures the microbiological, physical, and chemical stability of the plant.
  • Once the product is treated, it is washed and dried over several days at a controlled temperature.
  • Lastly, a selection process and a quality control check is carried out, during which any damaged leaves or petals are removed.
  • The product is ready to be packed and used.

Preserved flowers and plants are products which are highly valued in interior floral decoration. Thanks to the fact that they last for a long time, they allow us to make long-lasting floral compositions. This is the difference between preserved flowers and fresh flowers, which have to be replaced every few days. The preservation technique is perfect for making beautiful floral art creations in places like hospitals, hotels, churches, reception rooms, events…and, of course, to make your own home beautiful in an ecological, long-lasting, and economic way!

Verdissimo: The beauty of preserved plants

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