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Preserved Moss

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preserved moss - verdissimo

Preserved Moss

Interior decoration with plants is an upward trend in both private and public spaces. Vertical gardens or the creation of indoor green areas provide a natural touch that conveys a sense of serenity that invites relaxation and, of course, the enjoyment of the five senses.

preserved moss - verdissimo

Interior decoration with live plants and flowers is not always possible due to the need for special conditions, for example adequate space, sunlight and watering. This problem is solved by substituting fresh plants and flowers for preserved vegetation on a base of leaves and foliage of distinct varieties. At Verdissimo you will find different varieties of moss and other species with which you can make all kinds of interior compositions: vertical gardens, murals or wall panels and tiles.

What is preserved moss?

Musgo Preservado grande - Verdissimo

They are fresh plants that have undergone a delicate conservation and stabilization process. During this process the sap is substituted by a compound made with glycerine which allows the plant to maintain the same feel and appearance as the fresh plant for a long time. The aesthetic results that preserved vegetation offers are surprisingly natural and they have endless possibilities both in interior floral decoration and ornamentation and in floral art compositions.

You can personalize your projects with moss ball, flat moss, lichens or grass, thanks to the wide selection of varieties that you will find in Verdissimo, and to the wide range of colours, textures and finishes.

You will also find the greatest variety of preserved flowers and plants for the floral decoration in your catering business, hotel or office. Do you have a florist shop? Make your business profitable with long-lasting floral arrangements: bridal bouquets, crowns of flowers for communions and all kinds of personalised compositions.

Does preserved moss grow?


As we’ve mentioned previously, the sap in preserved plants is replaced with a compound that keeps them in perfect condition for a long time. For this reason, no preserved product is capable of growing, since it maintains the look of the flower or plant when treated.

After telling you this, we can assure you that preserved moss doesn’t grow and remains preserved in the same way for months and even years.

Types of preserved moss at Verdissimo

At Verdissimo, we have different types of preserved moss. In this article, we’ll tell you what each one of them is for:

Flat moss

Flat Moss - Verdissimo

Usually this type of moss is used on plant walls to break up the harshness of the space and to give it a fresh touch. It’s often used in oriental decoration, such as Feng Shui decoration.

Moss balls

Moss balls are also often used in Feng Shui decoration and on plant walls. However, this type of moss, which has a very intense green color, is also suitable for floral compositions.


The lichen we’re talking about is known as Cetraria islandica. Typically this species of moss propagates easily on tree bark in order to conserve moisture.

Interior decoration with preserved moss

This variety of natural moss is perfect for interior decoration. Its texture and appearance are identical to living moss, except it’s preserved and doesn’t need water or light.

With lichens and preserved moss you can give form to your interior decoration projects and achieve spectacular results without any kind of maintenance. All of Verdissimo’s products are premium quality and are unbeatable value for money. As they are 100% natural products, they are completely biodegradable, so apart from being economic, they are also completely ecological.

With Verdissimo’s preserved moss you can remodel any kind of indoor space or surface, for example furniture, objects, walls, etcétera.

It’s also common to create horizontal gardens or garden art with flat moss. To give it a bit of volume, Verdissimo’s Pole moss can also be used. This product used in these kinds of plant pictures manage to break the hardness of the space by creating a totally natural ambience, which is full of freshness and positive energy.

Preserved moss for zen decoration

Verdissimo’s preserved products are perfect for interior décor because they retain all the beauty of a flower or a recently picked plant yet they require almost no maintenance. These products don’t need water or light to survive for months or even years, all while keeping their original beauty.

Pretty indoor gardens can be created in the Feng Shui style by combining different types of moss with other preserved plants and flowers from Verdissimo, together with sand, stones and pebbles.

These spaces, simple and flowing, invite relaxation, which is why they are especially designed for meditation and are a perfect alternative to traditional decorations.

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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