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Preserved roses for Valentine’s Day

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Preserved roses for Valentine’s Day

The most anticipated day for lovers and those who want to express their feelings of love, friendship, and empathy is approaching, Valentine’s Day.

However, amidst numerous options and offers, and the need to think of a truly original gift, it can be challenging to choose the best option—one that combines beauty, quality, durability, and originality.

Here, we will show you how preserved flowers for Valentine’s Day, especially roses, possess all these characteristics and offer even more, as they will look fresh and natural until the next Valentine’s Day.

Collection of Preserved Roses for Valentine’s Day

In the Collection of Preserved Roses for Valentine’s Day, we explore the timeless beauty of roses in various elegant presentations. Each type of rose in our collection has been carefully selected and preserved to capture the essence of love and lasting beauty.

Heart-shaped Rose

Our heart-shaped roses add that touch of originality not commonly found in other flowers. In addition to capturing attention with their beauty and shape, they also play an essential role in arrangements that don’t go unnoticed.


Verdissimo’s V-Rose brings unparalleled originality, standing out from other flowers with its unique beauty and distinctive shape. They not only captivate the gaze with their charm but also become an essential element in Valentine’s Day flower arrangements that stand out and leave a memorable impression.

Stemless Roses

Yes! And they are perfect for creating elegant and stylized arrangements that perfectly convey what is in your mind and heart.

Roses with Stems

Stemmed roses are ideal for designing elegant and refined floral arrangements that impeccably express the thoughts and emotions of your mind and heart.

Roses with Dome

Roses in domes are magnificent for creating charming and delicate presentations, perfectly capturing the emotions and thoughts nesting in your heart and mind.

Other Flowers and Greens You Can Use to Combine with Roses on Valentine’s Day


Gypsophila, commonly known as “baby’s breath,” is a charming choice for Valentine’s Day, adding a touch of delicacy and romance to any floral arrangement. Its small and ethereal white flowers bring an air of innocence and tenderness, perfect for complementing the passion of roses and celebrating love in its purest and sincerest form.


Diosmi, with its small pink flowers, is an ideal complement to Valentine’s Day arrangements. It adds a dimension of texture, enhancing the depth and complexity of love celebrated on this special day.


Preserved papyrus, with its natural elegance and unique texture, is an exceptional addition to Valentine’s Day floral compositions. Its distinctive shape and durability make it a symbol of enduring love, adding a touch of sophistication and originality to any floral arrangement.

White Ruscus

White ruscus, with its delicate light-toned leaves, brings subtlety and elegance. These versatile green complements vibrant flowers perfectly, creating a contrast that enhances beauty and symbolizes harmony and purity in love.


Preserved ivy, with its intense green and lush foliage, is a perfect choice to add a touch of vitality. Its robust and lasting appearance symbolizes a love that grows and strengthens over time, adding depth and a touch of nature to any floral composition.

Ideas for Compositions with Roses, Greens, and Preserved Flowers from Verdissimo

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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