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The Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day

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las mejores flores para san valentin - verdissimo

The Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Is Valentine’s Day approaching and you still don’t know what to get for that special someone? In this article we’ll give you some ideas and we’ll recommend the best flowers for Valentine’s Day.

las mejores flores para san valentin - verdissimo

Lovers and spouses giving each other flowers for Valentine’s Day to express their love is a time-honored tradition. Flowers are a symbol of beauty, delicateness, romanticism, and passion… so what are you waiting for?

10 flowers for Valentine’s Day

Here at Verdissimo we’d like to offer you ten options for surprising your loved one on Valentine’s Day:

Desde Verdissimo te damos diez opciones para que sorprendas a tu pareja el día de los enamorados:

1. Roses

Roses are the most classical choice for Valentine’s Day; they never go out of style. Their beauty is so spectacular that they have yet to be dethroned as the queen of gardens. There’s a great variety of roses, so you can choose the one that best fits your tastes. However, you can’t go wrong on Valentine’s Day with a traditional bouquet of red roses, as they symbolize the love and passion that exists between two people.


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2. Chrysanthemums

Just like as is the case with roses, at Verdissimo we have a wide variety of chrysanthemums: anastasia, focus, and sharp. All three types of chrysanthemums make a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, as long as you keep in mind the different colors that this flower comes in and what they signify. For that, we recommend reading the article “Say It With Flowers… The Meaning of Chrysanthemums.”


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3. Gardenias

Gardenias represent two totally opposite things. On the one hand, they symbolize the purity and sweetness of romantic partners, and on the other hand they’re a symbol of secret love and hidden relationships between two people. The gardenia is one of the Valentine’s Day flowers that can make a great choice because it’s also perfect for home décor.


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4. Orchids

In the 18th century orchids became the flower of choice of the upper classes. Orchids of any color are very elegant and sophisticated flowers, but as a Valentine’s Day gift we definitely recommend the pink orchid which represents pure, open love. It makes quite a statement!


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5. Carnations

Carnations, especially red carnations, are one of the best flowers for Valentine’s Day because they symbolize love, passion and admiration. And who doesn’t admire their partner? These flowers also are capable of conveying joy and helping you remember all the good moments with your partner.


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6. Hydrangeas

Despite hydrangea’s bad reputation, these beautiful flowers are perfect for combining with other flowers in Valentine’s Day bouquets. These flowers provide a lot of volume and are very striking due to their bright colors and round shape.


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7. Lilies

You can find different types of lilies, available in different colors. Each type of lily has a different meaning. For example, you can select white lilies to convey seduction and sweetness at the same time. Also, you can combine them with other types of suitable flowers in a Valentine’s Day bouquet.


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8. Tulips

If you give tulips, you’re telling your partner that life is more cheerful with them at your side. They’re a symbol of joy, regardless of color. There are thousands of different varieties and they’re all extremely beautiful. Also, as you may know, they’re the most emblematic flowers of Holland, where they’re regularly given as gifts.


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9. Laceleaf

The laceleaf flower is known around the world as the plant of love. This is due to its large and lovely heart-shaped petals. This delicate flower represents passion, love and desire between two people.


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10. Jasmine

Jasmine is a good flower to give on Valentine’s Day because its flowers represent loyalty and faithfulness in a relationship. These flowers are internationally known for their great beauty.


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The Saint Valentine’s day legend

According to legend, the emperor Claudio II prohibited young people from getting married as he believed if they were free from ties, they would compete better in the battlefields.

Valentine was a prestigious priest from Rome who defied this prohibition and continued to marry young couples, unbeknownst to the emperor. When the emperor found out, he was livid and sent Valentine to prison. Behind bars, he performed the miracle of restoring the sight of the daughter of one of the prison guards. After this happened, all of the guard’s family converted to Christianity, but they could not stop the furious emperor from ordering Valentine’s execution on the 14th of February.

The young girl whose sight had been restored by Valentine planted an almond tree in front of his grave. Since then, flowers have become the symbol of friendship and love. The 14th of February, Lovers’ Day, is celebrated all over the world.

The custom of giving flowers has survived since then. Now, the most popular flowers on the 14th of February are red roses, the quintessential flowers of passion and love.

Each rose colour is associated with certain characteristics: pink-happiness, orange-friendship, blue-peace and red-passion.

A bouquet of red roses: the gift everyone is hoping for!

Every Saint Valentine’s Day, red roses become the most coveted gift. Unfortunately, their beauty doesn’t last for very long! After a few days, your beautiful gift will be just a distant memory. This year, make your gift last forever by giving preserved roses.

Natural preserved flowers are long-lasting, high-quality products. The preservation technique makes it possible to conserve the plant as it was in its most beautiful and radiant moment for years. Preserved flowers and plants are perfect for giving as gifts or for making all kinds of floral compositions.

Also, they offer unbeatable value for money. Although one preserved rose costs more than a freshly-cut rose, it lasts 100 times longer. In addition, preserved flowers do not need water or sunlight in order to remain beautiful for a long time.

This Saint Valentine’s Day, make your gift last with preserved roses.

At Verdissimo, you’ll find an immense variety of preserved flowers and plants and a large team of assistants for all your interior decoration needs.

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!


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