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Traditional Plants and Flowers of the Americas

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Traditional Plants and Flowers of the Americas

The Americas are full of different types of plants and flowers, many of which represent a particular country or region; some flowers are specific to North America, South America, etc.


In this article, we here at Verdissimo, the largest producer of preserved plants and flowers in the world, would like to tell you about the national flowers of some of the countries of the American continents.

The Dahlia

The dahlia is one of the national flowers of Mexico. This flower is highly valued in that country both for its aesthetic qualities and for its cultural significance, which is linked to the country’s history and traditions.

Even though the dahlia is a traditional flower from the Americas, it has been gaining popularity in Europe since the eighteenth century, thanks mainly to it medicinal properties and its beauty.

The Orchid

The orchid is the national flower of both Venezuela and Colombia.

In both Colombia and in Venezuela Cattleya Trianae, also known as the May flower or Christmas orchid, is the national flower. Thanks to its beauty, showy appearance, and size, this type of orchid has gradually been incorporated into the national symbols of both countries.

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The Rose

The rose has been the national flower of the United States since 1986 when president Reagan made it one of the most important emblems of the country.

This flower is considered to be one of the most beautiful in existence and it’s frequently used for interior décor, both as an individual flower and as part of floral compositions alongside other types of flowers. If you would like to know more about decorating with roses, we recommend the article “The Big Star at Events: Floral Arrangements with Roses”.


Maple trees are famous for their unique eleven-pointed leaves, which appear on the Canadian flag. Over the years this leaf has become part of the national identity, and nowadays almost everyone associates it with that country.

Maple leaves have a very characteristic reddish color. Their portrayal on the Canadian flag gives them a very strong red coloring, which contrasts perfectly with the flag’s other color: white.

In this article from Verdissimo we’ve only looked at a small selection of some of the most famous flowers and plants of the Americas, but there are a lot more out there, of course. What others are you familiar with? Which ones would you have liked us to talk about? Tell us in the comments!

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