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A Vase of Flowers to Decorate Your Home

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A Vase of Flowers to Decorate Your Home

Floral decoration at home is fundamental for creating a warm environment. There are many ways to decorate your home with preserved plants and flowers and one of them is with a vase of flowers.


Believe it or not, decorating with vases of flowers is very versatile and gives your home that chic touch that’s impossible to achieve with other materials.

Here at Verdissimo we’d like to take this time to tell you about the perfect materials for flower vases for decoration and go over a few of our most spectacular ideas for decorating with flower vases.

Materials for Flower Vases

Decorative flower vases can be made from many different materials, but there are three that stand out:

Glass: glass is the perfect material for decorating your home with flower vases. Specifically, this type of vase is commonly seen in environment with a more minimalist style. One idea that we’d like to share with you today is to put some mini callas in this type of vase to achieve a fresh, natural space with a special touch of chic.

Ceramics: we love using ceramic vases in warm tones for Nordic décor. Some of our favorite colors for achieving that clean, fresh look are white, gray, and even blue vases. Cold shades combine perfectly with some of the plants in our catalog, like ivy.

Clay: we love vases made of clay for more rustic and country-themed décor. In this case, it’s best that the materials be natural and not too highly polished. The ideal shades of color are browns, which can combine with many country-style plants. In our catalog you can find a great variety of preserved flowers and plants that are perfect for combining with a clay vase.

What Are the Best Plants and Flowers for Vases?

There’s no single perfect flower for a vase. The choice of one over another is heavily dependent on your personal tastes, the style of the vase, and the space in question.

Nevertheless, we at Verdissimo, the largest producer of preserved flowers and plants, would like to tell you about some of the plants and flowers that we like best when it comes to vases, and in addition, we’ll tell you what style they’re best suited for.

  • Mash Reed: this greenery is very closely linked to minimalist décor. Its straight lines and intense color contribute to the creation of natural spaces.
  • Lanuginosa: this is the ideal greenery for natural, country-style décor, providing the rustic touch such an environment needs.
  • Rose: the rose is the most important flower in boho-chic décor. We love it when flowers provide color to a space.

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