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Verdissimo at the IFTF fair [2014 – 2021]

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verdissimo attends iftf 2018 - verdissimo

Verdissimo at the IFTF fair [2014 – 2021]

The IFTF is a fair that has proven its strength year after year, since 2010 when it began. It focuses mainly on the exhibition and promotion of the plant and flower trade as well as generating interest in its production and consumption.

verdissimo attends iftf 2018 - verdissimo

The fair is visited by more than 20,000 people every year from different nationalities, and it has reached the 3,000 companies from 115 different countries that come together in it.

Verdissimo’s attendance at the fair has given visitors many ideas about what can be done with preserved products. We attended one more year and we want to tell you about our time there and, also, review our history at the IFTF, a history marked by our attendance year after year.

Verdissimo at the IFTF 2021

In the year 2021, as a consequence of the pandemic, we had doubts about attending and the success of the event. Nevertheless, the event has concluded with a very good turnout. We have been able to see that, little by little, the impact of Covid-19 is reducing, and this fair has been good proof of this.

The booth at the 2021 IFTF fair

This year’s booth has been larger than other years. This new size has given us space to make a more special display, where we exhibited the practical uses of our materials. Some of those exhibitions have been the following:

  • Floating spheres with moss and foliage.
  • A 9 m2 green wall
  • An example of a giant-scale flower arrangement at the front of the booth.

The booth’s dimensions have also allowed us to allocate space for the creation of a kind of coworking area, a space where we have been able to sit with the ones who visited us. The idea has been to create a comfortable area so that our clients could sit down with our sales team, have a good coffee and discover our products, in general, our catalog.

Verdissimo News at the IFTF 2021

The booth’s dimension was a clear novelty for those who are used to seeing us at the fair, but it wasn’t the only new thing, jointly with new designs, we presented some of the newest products that have been incorporated into our catalog, products that have been launched in the last years and that many clients have still not seen. Some of them are:

  • Monstera leaf
  • Olive branches
  • Asparagus Branches / Asparagus
  • Bi-color and tri-color Premium and medium rose (in its head and stem presentation)
  • Extensive collection of electric colors (Bright Turquoise, Lime Green, Bright Pink and Bright Lilac) for the Premium, Queen, Medium, Mini, and Princess rose sizes in their head and stem presentations.
  • New bi-color carnations
  • New queen rose

Other news

Another great novelty presented at the fair was the new generation of packaging material, which will be seen in 2022. This new packaging is made greatly out of sugar cane, specifically with the bagasse, also known as virgin cane fiber, it’s totally natural, it doesn’t contain bleaching chemicals that have a negative impact on the environment.

In comparison to making one ton of white paper, in the making of natural paper 13,5 percent less energy is consumed, 8,4 percent less vapor, and 9,3 percent less water.

We can’t talk to you about this fair’s edition without talking to you about the live we did, doing a small tour around the stand and an interview with Ole Faarbaek from our Instagram, a live that has had great repercussions and reach, that without a doubt has let us get closer to all the people who were not able to be with us in person.


Verdissimo at the IFTF 2019

In 2019, the IFTF was held from 6 to 8 of November at the Haarlemmermeer Expo Auditorium in Vijfhuizen, Holland. As every year, Verdissimo could not fail to attend one of the most important commercial expositions in the world for flower growers and international buyers.

Verdissimo news at the IFTF 2019

During our time at the IFTF 2019, we surprised the audience with our stopper. In addition, our company philosophy pushed us to make each one of our guests feel at home, accompanying them to our booth, welcoming them, and presenting each of our new products.

If you are not one of the lucky people who were able to go to the IFTF 2019 keep reading and discover the novelties Verdissimo presented at the fair:

  • Garden rose with stem – 4 colors
    • Gift Packaging
    • Bulk Packaging (bulk)
  • Garden rose heads – 5 colors
  • Mini amorosas bulk packaging (bulk) – 6 colors
  • Standard rose heads SRH – 6 new colors
    • Including the rainbow rose (rainbow)
  • King Rose Heads – 4 new colors
  • Extra Rose Heads – 2 new colors
    • Bi-color and tri-color
  • STD Gerbera Heads – 4 colors
  • Gerbera Mini Heads– 4 colors
  • STD Gerberas with stem– 4 colors
  • Hedera Helix XL
  • Lepto lungifolia
  • Gypsophila – 3 colors
  • Rock Fern
  • Brilliant fern
  • Leather fern
  • Lichen Moss – 4 new colors

From all these novelties, without a doubt, the Gerberas with stems took all the attention. These flowers showed their potential for the making of flower compositions, bouquets, or all types of flower art confections.


The success of the IFTF 2019

One more year, the success of the fair was unquestionable. As every year, the number of attendees didn’t stop rising and the possibilities to strengthen relationships with key clients turned into the main objective of our attendance at the fair. Besides, the IFTF gave us the possibility to show the unstoppable and evident market growth for preserved products worldwide. A market that has earned a niche in interior decoration and short-term event decoration

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Verdissimo at the 2018 IFTF

The 2018 IFTF was held between November 7 and 9 in Holland, at the Haarlemmermeer Expo in Vijfhuizen.

In this new Verdissimo event, some of the company’s new preserved products were presented at a booth that stood out on its own merits among the public who visited it in a notorious way.

Here you will be able to see some of the most outstanding images of the event that took place that year.



Verdissimo at the IFTF 2017

From November 8 to 10, 2017, both days, the International Exhibition of the Floriculture and Horticulture Industry (IFTF) took place in the Haarlemmermeer Expo in Vijfhuizen. One more year, the fair fulfilled its mission: to promote links between producers and buyers to boost the sector’s growth.

The attendance at the fair was used to present some new products: bi-color garden roses and rainbow roses.

Floral compositions

One more year, Verdissimo has not attended the IFTF fair empty-handed. At their booth, you could see different floral works created by Pedro Fuset: a vegetable wall, a show stopper, and a window dressing with preserved plants and flowers.

The idea to create different floral works was to show everyone the possibilities preserved products offer.

Vegetable wall with preserved moss

This year 2017 a vegetable wall was created again in which, once again, the main element was preserved moss. All the products used for its creation were different tones of green, and in the middle of the vertical garden, the company logo was placed.


Show stopper

Last year a spectacular parrot was created with different color roses. This year we also bet on an animal, on this occasion, it was a Hindu elephant.

As you can see in the above image, the Hindu elephant was made with different colors of preserved flowers: yellow, rose, red, green, white, lilac, orange, and different shades of blue, with blue being the most striking color of the whole composition.

IFTF 2017 - Show stopper

Window dressing

From Verdissimo, a window dressing work was also created based on roses with stems, geraniums, and Elephant Reed.

This is a very eclectic work because it combines representative products from different styles, for example, the roses provide the accent color in the more boho compositions, the Elephant Reed is used on more minimalist and oriental decorations, and the Ginerium in country decorations.

Nevertheless, the combination of these three elements results in a spectacular and sophisticated work.

Escaparate IFTF 2017 - Verdissimo

Verdissimo at the 2016 IFTF

The 2016 IFTF fair was focused on the cut flower sector, which is why one of its main protagonists was Verdissimo, one of the major preserved plants and flowers producers.

Visitors came from all over the world, for example Asia, America, Europe…their reception among professionals was a success.

feria internacional de floricultura

Verdissimo at the fair

Pedro Fuset attended the fair at Holland as the person in charge of the creation and design of the floral compositions.

Vegetable wall

A very simple vegetable wall was created based on preserved moss. To generate a little bit more contrast with the greens some tree ivy was used in the corners of the burgundy wall.

Show stopper

A spectacular parrot was created using mainly preserved roses from Verdissimo in green, blue, red, and yellow tones. In addition, at the base of the parrot, some greens were placed to give a much more natural and realistic touch to the composition. These greens were mainly the amaranth and the palm leaves, everything supported on tree branches.

With the parrot picture we tried to reproduce a purely tropical environment inspired on the place of origin of the Verdissimo flowers: Colombia.


Verdissimo at the 2015 IFTF

In 2015 the IFTF was also held on November. It was the 5th edition of the fair, concretely from 11-04 and 11-06, with both days included, where Verdissimo had its own booth where we could show all of that year’s new products.

Verdissimo acudirá a la Feria IPM para mostrar las ventajas de las flores y plantas preservadas - Verdissimo

Verdissimo at the 2014

We just went over our history at the IFTF with our visit to the fair in 2014. The year in which we were at booth number C21.4, where we showed all visitors our wide range of preserved flowers, including several new varieties, suitable to complement almost any environment and event. From colorful chrysanthemums to impressive premium roses combined with green fillers and foliage.

IFTF 2014 - Verdissimo

Holland, the perfect country to celebrate this great international exhibition

The floral culture of this land, internationally known for its tulip varieties, makes it the ideal setting for the development of this event. The country of flowers par excellence prepares each year to receive with all the honors its illustrious visitors, from all of the corners of the world. Given the worldwide success of this fair, the exhibitors are usually very large.

The IFTF is the meeting point of all the great international names of the industry. And in an event of these characteristics, Verdissimo is one of the protagonists each year. The Spanish company is one of the world’s leading names in floral decoration with preserved plants and flowers for interior decoration. The floral and vegetable element is increasingly present in interior design projects and the Verdissimo brand itself has collaborated in highly relevant international projects and is one of the official providers for companies like Interflora, Disney or Chopard.



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