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Emilio Robba, the renowned “sculptor of flowers”

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emilio robba - verdissimo

Emilio Robba, the renowned “sculptor of flowers”

Emilio Robba is an internationally-acclaimed designer. He was born to an Italian family living in Paris, a city where he started to develop his artistic ability, which he inherited from his family.

emilio robba - verdissimo

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What’s Emilio Robba’s hallmark?

Emilio Robba’s passion for orchids has led him to make this flower his hallmark. He affirms that the orchid itself inspires his creations, especially the best ones. For this reason, Robba has become a kind of ambassador for the flower, to the extent that a Phalaenopsis orchid has been named after the artist.

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What’s Emilio Robba’s style?

Emilio Robba goes for a very natural style. Usually you can see him using very green products such as moss in his compositions. Regarding the color of the flowers, he uses everything from neutral and pastel shades to more vibrant shades of purple and fuchsia.

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Who does Emilio Robba work with?

Emilio Robba creates floral arrangements for some of the most important architecture and design firms on the international scene. Also, he provides services to exclusive hotel chains and international cruise lines.

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What are some of the most notable aspects of Emilio Robba?

Lastly, we’ll go through some of the most noteworthy aspects of Emilio Robba, first highlighting his Annual Orchid Exposition in Paris held at the Jardin des Plantes, with over 100,000 visitors.

We should note that he has over 75 flower shops scattered throughout the world and his offices are located in Miami, New York and Paris.

Also, we should point out that, although he was solely dedicated to floral design in the past, nowadays he also has an important role in interior design, in large part due to his collaboration with ITOKIN, one of the most influential companies in the Japanese market. This collaboration, which began over 20 years ago, has led both parties to celebrate events and anniversaries on many occasions and in different markets.

At Verdissimo, as you already know, it’s not the first time we’ve spoken about internationally renowned designers. If you’ve missed our previous articles, you can read them here: “Fernando Oriol, an artist of steel”, “Karen Tran, an internationally-acclaimed floral designer”, “Azuma Makoto, a pioneer of floral design”, “Preston Bailey” and “Nicolai Bergmann, one of the best floral artists in Japan”.

Which designer would you like us to talk about next month?

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