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Floral Design

What is floral design? How is floral art made? In this post, we’ll answer both these questions and many others about floral art and design. At Verdissimo, a leading producer of preserved plants and flowers, we adore floral decoration and that’s why, in this article, we want to tell you about a few ideas for floral designs using preserved flowers, the best option for interior decoration.

floral design - verdissimo

What is floral design?

Floral design is the art of combining different floral products to brighten up spaces at home, at work, etc. At Verdissimo, we know these designs are key for decorating spaces in a personal way, and also, for creating dreamy atmospheres.

Floral design is used to create harmonious and bright spaces, with stress-free and relaxed atmospheres. The presence of plants provides this cozy, comfortable and fresh vibe, which encourages concentration, relaxation and wellness.

Floral compositions and natural plants enhance the space and contribute to minimalist, romantic, cozy and professional atmospheres.

How is floral design created?

It’s not always possible to make floral compositions or enjoy plants within interior spaces. That’s because natural plants need care and special conditions to maintain their beauty without dying.

The solution is to replace natural living plants for natural preserved plants. Preserved plants from Verdissimo maintain the same beautiful look of natural plants or fresh-cut flowers, without the inconvenience. This makes it the preferred option by decorators and interior designers!

Remember that preserved flowers can’t receive direct sunlight!

Preserved flowers from Verdissimo let you make all kinds of compositions: from a monochrome floral arrangement that uses all kinds of exotic flowers, to delicate bridal bouquets and striking centerpieces for wedding floral decoration, gift baskets, etc.

Preserved flowers are natural, ecological and affordable products. They don’t need special care, light or watering.

The preservation process is 100% natural, which lets you enjoy the natural beauty of these flowers and plants for many months and even years. That’s why preserved plants and flowers from Verdissimo are the perfect option for decorating any interior space.

Floral design with preserved

And how to make that floral design with preserved? The floral design with preserved is done in the same way as if it were natural products, it is even easier. Why? Because you should not take maintenance into account, nor whether it is given direct light or not …

Floral design trends

New decorative trends are going for airy, seductive and bright spaces. Gone are the houses and businesses overwhelmed with furniture and decoration. Current interior designers prefer “less is more.” This means fewer decorative elements, but those with high-quality that are placed to showcase their value. Also, it means a great deal of indoor flowers and plants as the main aesthetic factors.

But, do you know the trends in flower arranging this year? Here we tell you the main trends in floral design this season:

  • Vintage. Vintage fashion is trending more than ever. This year this spirit comes back with a charge of romanticism, peaceful struggle, and peace and love characteristic of the 70s, years in which roses and daisies were almost an emblem. As well as, multicolor flower bouquets or white flower bouquets.
  • Minimalism. The minimalist trend in decoration also presents itself in gardens and floral decoration. Very simple arrangements but with all of the beauty that natural or preserved flowers portray.
  • Pastel colors and warm tones. The pastel colors trend and that of vintage style are two of the strongest trends in floral decoration this season. Also, this year’s brides will go for whites, creams, and pastel tones. The most appropriate flowers for this type of style are roses, cala lilies, hydrangeas, and lilies.
  • Customized design. A la carte flower arrangements continue to be one of the main trends to achieve personalized and different atmospheres or effects, in styles like: traditional, casual, romantic, retro, contemporary, etc.
  • A mix of forms and textures. A flower arrangement inside nests or birdcages, crystal objects, and designer centerpieces that combine with different volumes and textures. It’s a hit this year!
  • Centrepieces. Centrepieces have been reinvented. At wedding celebrations or when receiving guests in your home, preparing centrepieces is a riskier bet. The aim is to surprise, to offer something different. For example, candelabras with a floral finishing in different forms and styles, reversed vases, or a mixture of forms and textures. Power to originality!
  • Illuminated flowers. Lighting can create incredible effects on floral arrangements at night. Perfect for the wedding dance, or to create an intimate ambience at an outdoor soirée, mixed with candles or coloured LEDs.
  • Painted wallpaper: One trend in some rooms of the home is the use of painted wallpaper. This can be of different styles: nautical, country… We love the one with flower motifs for spaces in which you want to create a natural and fresh atmosphere! It’s a good alternative without a doubt if you want to have a floral design present in your environment.
  • Vegetable walls: Vegetable walls became a trend a couple of years ago, but… They are still trending! They are placed in all kinds of spaces, from homes, restaurants, offices…in all of them, preserved moss is the star.
  • Hanging plants: Hanging plants area another must-have of the season when we talk about floral design, most of all in restaurants and hotels where we want to decorate without losing space. Hanging plants may be placed with light to illuminate or without it, just to decorate.

Floral design ideas

In this section, we’ll tell you about some floral design ideas that may help you decorate events, rooms of your home or your workspace. If you’re thinking about giving a fresh and personal touch to a space, pay careful attention to the floral design ideas below:

Rose baskets

cesta con rosas - verdissimo

We suggest a simple idea that can fill up a space perfectly. This floral design entails placing preserved roses in a white wicker basket. The roses can be any color you wish, though you should keep in mind that this color should go with the rest of the space. In this example, we used white flowers, the perfect idea for creating romantic and pure atmospheres.

Roses and stones

rosas y piedras - verdissimo

Floral art for more “boho” spaces! The idea is to combine roses in a bed of stones that you choose yourself. The roses can be any color, though striking colors like pink and red fit perfectly in boho decoration, and even Mediterranean decoration. It’s a very simple floral design that you can use as a centerpiece, on a shelf, etc.

Black rose

rosa negra - verdissimo

In this floral arrangement, the black color of the rose plays an important role. The idea is to combine a black rose with materials of other colors to create contrast. This design is perfect for more sophisticated and elegant spaces, and we love it for decorating offices, studios, etc. It’s very simple and you only need a glass vase or bowl to make it.

Greenery and filler

verdes y rellenos - verdissimo

You can combine greenery and filler as you like to give a country-style feel to spaces. We love this with vases of all kinds: glass, wood, ceramic, etc. The idea is to combine products that were freshly picked from the field, to add naturalness and freshness to spaces. In the image above, you can see an example of greenery with subtle color accents: yellow, lilac and white.

Unique products

productos unicos - verdissimo

  1. Heart of roses

Heart of Roses - Verdissimo

This design idea is perfect for dates like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, etc. Also, if you want to make it yourself it’s very easy, you just have to place a heart-shaped box and fill it with red roses. The size of the box does not matter, what’s important is to give it a heart shape so it’s representative of the mentioned dates. It can be used as a table centerpiece or in many other places.

  1. Candle with flowers

We love this floral design. It’s perfect to decorate evening events. It consists, as you can see in the image below, of a round candle surrounded by flowers or greens. In this case, the flower combinations are of different colors, which helps achieve a vibrant mood. It can be made with roses, gardenias, hydrangeas… Choose your favorite ones and use your imagination to create a beautiful composition with a candle!

Candle with flowers - Verdissimo

Are you wondering if it’s better to combine two products for floral art? Why not! Our example below is very simple: two types of products placed in a vase, ready to decorate more Nordic spaces. They’re subtle, fresh and natural, which is why we recommend using products like eucalyptus.

If you want to create your own floral designs to decorate interior spaces, we suggest you use our preserved products. These products are completely natural and last over time without needing water or light. Find out all the advantages of preserved flowers for your floral designs!

Masters of floral design

If you follow our blog, you’ll stay up to date on the best floral designers in recent years. In our designers section, we’ve talked about some of them, such as: Fernando Oriol for his ironwork creations, Koldo Esparza for using architectural inspiration and Mallow for mastering the Japanese style, among others.

Also, we recommend reading the article “7 must-follow floral artists,” which is a list of designers that includes Pedro Fuset, an expert on using preserved products.

We hope this post about floral design has inspired you to keep your spaces looking amazing. Remember that for indoor spaces, Verdissimo’s preserved products are an excellent option that will last over time.


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