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Flower Belts, the new trend in accessories

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Flower Belts, the new trend in accessories

Flower belts have become the perfect accessory for your outfit when you are invited to a wedding. At Verdissimo, we have many types of preserved flowers so you can create different women’s belts that you can also keep for a long time.

These kinds of belts are perfect for day weddings and, ideally, you would wear it alone combined with completely plain trousers, a jumpsuit, or a skirt. However, you should combine several types of flowers or several colours so that it attracts more attention and so it’s the accessory that will catch everyone’s eye.

We love these belts because of their elegance, femininity and romanticism.

Also, flowers give a party touch to your look, so don’t hesitate and…make your own flower belt!

What flowers can I use to make belts for women?

Although you can make a belt with almost any flower from Verdissimo, today we suggest three flowers that we think are the most suitable and most elegant products for this accessory:


Roses are the most important flowers in any garden. Their natural beauty makes these preserved flowers the perfect product for your party belt. You can use roses in your favourite colour or the colour that best goes with your look. Also, they can be combined with other flowers, and even with preserved plants, to give a more natural touch.


There are carnations in different colours like white, pink, red, and orange and they are perfect for combining with roses and other plants. They are very striking flowers and are one of the most representative flowers of Spain. Also, they are perfect for all kinds of floral compositions because they combine very well with many other kinds of preserved flowers.


Gardenias are also beautiful flowers and are perfect for making a floral belt for women. They represent joy and sincerity, so gardenias are a good option for your look when you are a day guest.

Why should I choose preserved flowers to make belts?

Preserved flowers are the best option for making a flower belt. This is because of the many advantages that this kind of product from Verdissimo has:

  • They are completely natural flowers, which is why they maintain the beauty, colour and fragrance of ecological flowers as opposed to cloth or plastic flowers.
  • They are much more economical because of their durability.
  • Regarding this durability, preserved flowers allow you to make accessories that you can keep for other occasions, whereas 100% fresh flowers don’t last because they need maintenance.

Can I make more accessories with preserved flowers?

You can make all kinds of accessories with preserved flowers, from the aforementioned belts to flower crowns, flower tiara, or even handbags, bracelets or necklaces…

At Verdissimo you will find a wide variety of preserved flowers and plants

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!




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