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Preserved floral belts

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cinturones de flores la nueva tendencia en accesorios - verdissimo

Preserved floral belts

Floral belts are the perfect accessary for your formal attire. At Verdissimo, we have numerous types of preserved flowers so you can create different woman’s belts that will also last a long time.

cinturones de flores la nueva tendencia en accesorios - verdissimo

These types of belts are perfect for daytime wedding. Ideally, you’ll wear one alone with pants, overalls or completely straight skirts. However, you should use several types of flowers or colors so that it’s eye-catching and your accessary gets lots of looks.

We adore these belts for their elegance, femininity and romanticism.

Also, flowers give a festive flair to your look, so don’t hesitate… and make your own floral belt!

Flowers to use for woman’s belts

Although you can make a belt with any flowers from Verdissimo, today we’ll suggest three that we think are the most suitable and elegant products for this accessory:



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Roses are the most important flowers in any garden. Their natural beauty make preserved flowers the perfect product for your festive belt. You can use any color of roses you like best that goes with your look. Roses can also be combined with many other flowers and even preserved plants to give your belt a more natural touch.



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Carnations come in different colors, such as white, pink, red and orange, and they’re perfect for combining with roses and other plants. They’re very striking flowers that are emblematic of Spain. Also, they’re perfect for all kinds of floral compositions because they match well with other types of preserved flowers.



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Gardenias are also lovely and perfect flowers for a woman’s floral belt composition. They represent joy and honesty, so gardenias may be a good option for your look for that special event.

Floral belts for weddings

Floral belts for weddings are a must-have this season. They became in style several years ago and they continue to be an upward trend. These belts can be combined with all kinds of wedding attire and be fashioned into many different shapes and colors by using a myriad of products: vintage style, rustic style, boho style, etc.

Below we’ll show you some images of floral belts that may inspire you to create floral belts for weddings.

Elastic belt

In the image below, you can see an elastic belt in blue and pink shades perfect for combining with pants or a dress in these colors.


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Belt with tiny flowers

In the image below, you can see how a narrow belt looks, made of tiny flowers in pink shades and with green leaves. Ideal for brides and guests.


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Chain belt

The following floral belt for weddings is made with a chain, so that the floral products used stand out. You can use a gold, copper or silver chain depending on the color of the other accessories you’ll wear.


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Ribbon belt

The last floral belt that we’ll show you is made around a thin beige-colored ribbon. This is another option if you only want the flowers to stand out over your dress or pants. Also, a belt with these feature lets you play with color, since these belts can be found in a variety of different shades.


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Floral belts for dresses

Many people use floral belts with pants, but not with dresses. The truth is that they look just as good! However, if you’re looking for floral belts for dresses, you’ll have to keep in mind the length, style, etc. of the dress. It’s a little more difficult to match, but if you get it right… the result is incredible!

Why should I choose preserved flowers for making belts?

Preserved flowers are the best option for making a floral belt. This is because there are many benefits that these types of products from Verdissimo have:

  • They’re completely natural flowers that maintain their ecological beauty, color and scent, unlike felt or plastic flowers.
  • They’re much more affordable because of their durability.
  • Regarding this durability, preserved flowers let you make accessories that you can keep for other occasions, while 100% natural flowers won’t last because they need maintenance.

Are you convinced yet to wear or make preserved floral belts?

Can I make other accessories using preserved flowers?

With preserved flowers, you can make all kinds of accessories, including previously mentioned belts, as well as flower crowns, floral tiaras and even handbags, bracelets or necklaces…

Below we’ll show you some images to inspire you.

  1. Floral hairstyle

Floral hairstyles are also an upward trend. Especially for daytime weddings or ceremonies that are rustic or country-style. We adore them!


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  1. Floral tiara

Another option for decorating your hair is a lovely floral tiara. It’s good for long, short, up or down hairstyles… What do you think?


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  1. Floral hat

The last option that we’ll show you is a floral hat. This option is comfortable and also protects you from the sun. Combined with the right attire, you’ll get a movie-star look.


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At Verdissimo, you’ll find an immense variety of preserved flowers and plants.


If you’re going to make or wear a floral belt with preserved products for a special event, we recommend that you keep in mind our tips in this section of the article.

  • Use a cloth base that’s resistant to discoloration.
  • Don’t use these products in areas of the body in contact with moisture.

Follow our tips, otherwise you could end up dying your clothes.

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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