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What flowers are given at the birth of a child?

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what flowers are given at the birth of a child - verdissimo

What flowers are given at the birth of a child?

Births are very special moments in the life of a family. A new Little person is added to the family adventure and all the people around them want to demonstrate their joy and congratulate them with gifts. What would be a good gift? Flowers! Flowers for a baby’s birth are a very traditional gift to welcome that new life that has come into the world.

what flowers are given at the birth of a child - verdissimo

If you want to give flowers for the birth of a baby keep on reading our post and discover what flowers are given at a baby’s birth and why they are a good gift.

What kind of flowers to give to a newborn baby?

You have decided to give flowers but… you still don’t know which flowers? The most suitable flowers for the birth of a child are the ones you can find in the following colors: pink, white, and blue. The white ones represent purity and innocence, and there is nothing more innocent and pure than a baby! Pink flowers are more appropriate for girls and blue for boys.  Regarding the types of flowers to give, we recommend the following:

  • Roses: Roses are the queens of the garden and you can find them in different colors. A nice composition of roses in an appropriate color can be the perfect gift.
  • Orchids: White orchids are another ideal option for the birth of a baby. They are elegant flowers that bring naturalness and that by themselves are capable of filling the hearts of both parents.
  • Nards: You can also find nards in different colors, even blue. You can’t go wrong with this gift!
  • Chrysanthemums: chrysanthemums are a symbol of nobility and in the right color they are very appropriate. You can also combine them with other products.
  • Hydrangeas: they are flowers that provide a lot of volume and, in addition, are perfect to combine with other flowers. You can find them in different pastel shades and they are ideal as a gift at births!
  • Gardenias: Giving gardenias at a birth symbolises purity and joy, reflecting the baby’s innocence with their delicate white flowers.
  • Carnations: The traditional flower of the Mediterranean that you can give in different colors. By themselves, they will create a voluminous and fresh bouquet worthy of a new life.

From Verdissimo we encourage you to try giving away floral compositions made with preserved products because they will be a lasting present since they maintain their beauty over time without the need for maintenance.

What color of flowers is given in a birth?

Did you know that each color has a different meaning? That’s why there are colors suitable for occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries… and others suitable for births.

To know which colors to choose for a birth, you have to understand the symbolism of the main colors:

  • White: symbolizes purity.
  • Yellow: symbolizes joy.
  • Blue: symbolizes calmness.
  • Pink: symbolizes innocence and femininity.
  • Violet: symbolizes spirituality.

Among all these, which color would you choose? We love white flowers for births, mainly because there is nothing purer than a newborn. However, you can also create a combination of white and yellow flowers, as yellow will add joy to the arrangement.

Pink flowers can be an option, especially if you want to convey femininity. As we mentioned before, it is also the color of innocence, so it can be a great idea for some births.

We have flowers in many different colors in our catalog!

Catalogue Verdissimo Preserved

Why to give flowers as a gift at the birth of a baby?

After the birth of a baby, parents need to feel their families and friends are close, cheering, and bringing them the necessary support. A gift like flowers at the birth of a baby is a sign of affection, and if you pair this gift with a greeting card with a message…so much better! These are demonstrations of love and unconditional support towards the new parents and towards the new life that has just landed.

Normally, the flowers at the birth of a baby are intended for the mother. Nevertheless, this gift may be for the entire family nucleus since this detail unites the new family (the father, the mother, the siblings and the new baby)

So then, why give flowers at a birth? Simple! The main objective is non-other than to cheer up the environment and provide freshness on a day nurtured with affection, love, and hugs.

For all the reasons we have explained…do not hesitate to give flowers at the birth of a child! We are sure that the whole family will love them.

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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