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Communion decoration with preserved flowers

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Communion decoration with preserved flowers

We’re only a few months away from communion season, which is why in this article, we want to tell you all about communion decoration: from how to decorate a communion with preserved flowers to what floral arrangements for communions are most suitable.

However, beforehand, we want to say why it’s a good idea to decorate the event with preserved flowers. Although these products are used for interior decoration, they’re also common for decorating short events because they stay in perfect condition.

This is because they’re completely natural products and also maintain their beauty over time without needing hardly any maintenance, so the family can have a keepsake of this very special day.

Now that you know this, we’ll tell you how to decorate a communion, specifically for a girl’s or a boy’s communion, and also we’ll give you a few ideas for accessories for a communion.

How to decorate a communion

To decorate a communion, we suggest you use nice floral arrangements made with preserved flowers. You can use centerpieces that captivate all the guests during the banquet. However, you have to keep in mind the type of event to make the right choice of flowers and plants.

One of the most common flowers is roses. They’re used at many events, including communions.

As you can see in the image above, a set of white roses in a basket may be a simple and pretty idea for this day.

Communion decoration for a boy

For communion decoration, you should consider if a boy or a girl is taking communion, since communion decoration for a boy isn’t the same as for a girl. This difference is mostly done with colors. For example, in communion decoration for a boy, it’s normal to avoid overloading the room with shades of pink. You can use blues, whites, etc.

Communion decoration for a girl

On the other hand, in communion decoration for a girl, the use of pinks may be perfect. The girl and the guests are sure to love it and also, it matches with white, since this color is a symbol of purity and innocence.

Accessory ideas for communion

Preserved flowers can also be used for creating accessories for communions. Also, since they maintain their beauty over time, you can use them at other events.

Some of the most common accessories for a communion today are the following:

  • Flower tiaras: for both children and adults
  • Flower headbands: more suitable for adults.
  • Flower belts: also appropriate for children and adults.

At Verdissimo, we hope we inspired you with these decorative ideas for a communion. If you have any others… tell us below!

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